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Steganos Privacy Suite 16 Review

Steganos Privacy Suite 16 Review

by May 8, 2015

Our latest Steganos Privacy Suite 16 Review.

Steganos Privacy Suite 16 is a comprehensive solution for protecting your confidential information from stealing and unauthorized access to it. It provides a high degree of security and a lot of tools for hiding, encrypting, erasing, etc. private info.

The Interface of the Program

The interface of Steganos Privacy Suite 16 is divided into two parts- on the right side there is info about security level of the system and on the left side there are nine tiles for accessing different tools of the program, for example, file shredder, password generator, etc.

Interface 1

The Main Features of the Program

Safe– it is an encrypted and secure drive of the program where you can place and store sensitive data; in other words, it is the most reliable and secure storage place of the computer. Steganos Privacy Suite 16 allows you to create this Safe and keep your confidential and secret information within it. The program offers three different types of data storing; namely, you can encrypt and store it on the computer or a network share, on an external hard drive or USB stick and on Cloud services such as Dropbox, Google drive or Microsoft OneDrive.


It is extremely easy to create this secure Safe with the help of the program which will guide every your step during encryption process; let me describe every step required for creating that Safe more fully.

The First Step– in this step you can specify the name of the Safe and select the desired drive letter for it.

Safe Creation 1

The Second Step– in the second step you must select the storage location of the Safe. You may leave unchanged the default location offered by the program or if you want to place it into other location, choose any other place by clicking on the Browse button. The contents of this Safe will be stored in a special format SLE.

Safe Creation 2

The Third Step– this step allows you to define the desired size of the encrypted safe. You can manually specify this size according to your needs.

Safe Creation 3

The Fourth Step– this is the most important step in creation of the Safe because here you have to create the password for accessing your private data. Take care not to generate a weak password. If you are not sure and you have no idea how to create a strong and unbreakable password, you can take full advantage of password creation methods offered by Steganos Privacy Suite 16. There are two methods at your disposal- Key Generator and PicPass.

Safe creation 4

The first method allows you to specify the number of characters to be used on the one hand and the variety of symbols (i.e. lowercase, uppercase, numbers) on the other hand. After generating the password you have the possibility to copy it to the clipboard for the future use.

Safe Creation 5

The second method called PicPass allows you to create the password using pictures or symbols. All you need is to click on the pictures or symbols in any order and remember it.

Safe Creation 6

Safe Creation 7

In addition, the program enables you to use a special virtual keyboard for creating the password manually and store it on the USB disk.

Safe creation 8

Safe Creation 9

After creating a secure Safe on the internal hard disk, you can manage it by changing or applying new settings. The program allows you to rename the description, change color, drive letter and the password on the one hand and delete or mount the Safe as a local or removable drive on the other hand. Besides that you also have the possibility to apply some other settings, namely, move the Safe from one location to another; determine the behavior of the Safe on certain events; specify run actions, change the size of the Safe, assign the keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing the Safe; encrypt the mailbox (unfortunately, I was not able to test it because the mailbox encryption is not supported for 64- bit systems currently by the program).

Safe Settings 1

In addition, the program has got a very interesting feature called Safe in a Safe. With the help of it you can create an invisible or hidden safe within the main Safe; just specify the desired size and create a strong password. That is all. Now you have got a new safe which is invisible to others.

Safe Settings 8

Portable Safe– with the help of Steganos Privacy Suite 16 you can not only create the encrypted Safe on the local computer disk, but also on optical media, i.e. on CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks and on any removable media such as Flash drive, external hard drive, etc. The process of creating this encrypted Safe is similar to above described method, i.e. just specify the desired size of the Safe, create a strong password using two inbuilt methods- Password Generator or PicPass. That is all.

Portable Safe 1

Portable Safe 2

Cloud Safe– if you are a frequent user of the cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, you can take full advantage of a very useful feature of Steganos Privacy Suite 16 which allows you to encrypt data in them and store safely.

Cloud Safe 1

Hidden Safe– you have the possibility to hide the created Safe and make it invisible to others; more than that, you can not only simply hide it, but hide in other files, for example, in audio or video files. The program currently supports the following formats- MP3, M4A, AVI, MPEG, MOV and EXE. The process of creating such a hidden file is very easy; simply browse for a supported format and attach your Safe to it. That is all. Now it will be hidden within this file and only you will be able to open and view it.

Hide a Safe 1

Hide a Safe 3

Crypt and Hide– it is a part of the program which lets you create encrypted archives in a special format with EDF extension. No advanced skills are required for creating those encrypted archives; just click New Archive, then select files and folders to be encrypted and click Save. After creating the password with the help of inbuilt password manager or PicPass tool, the file will be encrypted and hidden from prying eyes; only you will be able to extract it and view its contents.

Crypt and Hide 1

Crypt and Hide 3

Password Generator– creating strong and unbreakable passwords are very essential and important because they are used to protect our confidential and sensitive documents, Internet accounts, for example, mailbox, social media sites, etc. Password Manager is designed to store all your passwords in an encrypted database. You need to remember one password only for accessing this database and view all other passwords.

Here you can choose four types of data:

Passwords– the program allows you to add description, user name, password and URL of the website.

Bank Accounts– i.e. transfer or routing number, account number and Pin number.

Credit Cards– i.e. card holder, credit card number, Pin number and validity.

Private Favorites– it is a very useful function to create an encrypted list of links to your favorite websites. The advantage of this feature lies in that you have not got all your favorite sites in browsers where everyone can view them, but in a special and safe place which is accessible to you only.

Personal Data– additionally, the program allows you to edit and add your personal information, i.e. name, street, emails, phones, etc.

Among additional features of Password Manager it is worthy of special mention possibilities of importing, backing up and merging passwords on the one hand and printing and editing on the other hand.

Password Manager 2

Password Manager 4

Email Encryption– everybody uses email clients and online email services every day, but, unfortunately, all letters, documents, etc. sent via them in unencrypted form and they can be read by other people. The developers of Steganos Privacy Suite 16 have created especially for you tool called Email Encryption which allows you to encrypt files before sending. You can send them immediately after encryption via email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or save and send using other methods later. The recipient does not need to have Steganos installed on the system; he must run self-extracting EXE file and enter a correct password.

Email Encryption 1

Shredder– a lot of traces are left on the disk after deleting files. Steganos Privacy Suite 16 allows you to get rid of them using a special tool Shredder. The program does not use special advanced methods for overwriting the disk; data erasing is performed in one pass with zeroes. Using this method you can destroy files, wipe free space on the disk or completely erase all data on it. Additionally, you can schedule disk erasing by specifying the desired type, date and time.

Shredder 1

Shredder 2

Trace Destructor– this tool allows you to get rid of any traces in the browsers (i.e. temporary Internet files, cookies, history data, etc. The program supports all well-known browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), Windows (i.e. temporary files, prefetch folder, etc.), Office (i.e. list of documents recently opened with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The program supports Microsoft Office from 2000 to 2013).

Trace Destructor 1

Trace Destructor 2

TraceDestructor 4

Online Shield VPN– one of the important ways to protect the anonymity of the Network-to hide IP-address. There are many ways to hide it and one of the most reliable is to use VPN which creates a so-called Virtual Private Network. Steganos Privacy Suite 16 has got an integrated VPN client service called Online Shield. It lets you protect your connection, block ads, prevent social tracking, etc.

Online Shield 4

System Requirements

Windows Vista- Windows 8.1


Steganos Privacy Suite 16 is a powerful set of tools which allows you to protect your anonymity and security. It contains different and necessary tools which securely guard you against online threats. Using the program you can generate strong passwords, hide sensitive data, erase disks, encrypt emails, destroy any traces on the system, etc.

In my opinion it is a very handy and needful program for protecting your privacy and anonymity.



1. Secure storage of confidential data and passwords
2. Data encryption to prevent access to it
3. Secure data deletion with Steganos Shredder
4. Protection of your anonymity with inbuilt VPN client
and many others



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