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Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Review

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Review

by September 9, 2016

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Review

There is no need to say that a standard antivirus application is a main and the most important component of your computer security because it contains such protection components as a firewall, antispam, parental control antivirus, and so on. But is it enough to have only one security application for the reliable protection of your system. Unfortunately, I must say “No.” You need more to secure the system not only against viruses, for example, your confidential and sensitive documents, financial information, and so on. In short, you need such an application will give you an additional layer of protection. And Steganos Privacy Suite 18 is just that application you need to give additional layers of protection to your system. This great program includes practically everything for reliable and secure protection of your confidential information. It offers a lot of different and advanced tools and utilities with the help of them, you can, for example, store your files safely, encrypt files or folders and emails, unrecoverably delete files, erase traces in the system and in the browsers, and so on. In other words, Steganos Privacy Suite 18 is an advanced and all in one program which includes everything for keeping files and your privacy under constant protection.

Download and Installation- if you want to keep your data in safety and away from the unauthorized use and distribution, you just need to visit the official Steganos website and download Steganos Privacy Suite 18. The program is offered as an online installer, its size is just about 3 MB. After downloading this online installer, you need to run it to get the full program; it takes a very little time to download the installation data. After downloading, the program will be automatically installed and ready to use. Currently the program supports five languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. The trial version of Steganos Privacy Suite 18 is fully functional for 30 days and you use it without any restriction during this time.



The Interface of the Program- The user interface of the program has been completely redesigned; not it is more intuitive and easy to use. The main interface may be divided into two parts- on the right side you will find thorough information about your system’s security level and ways to increase your protection. On the left side there are all main security components which the program offers. There are nine tiles or buttons; each of them provides access to security components, for example, buttons for creating a security safe for storing sensitive documents, managing and controlling all your passwords, deleting sensitive files, and so on.


The Main Features of the Program- Steganos Privacy Suite 18 offers a lot of leading and professional tools and utilities in one advanced privacy suite. All these tools significantly increase the security of your system and add important layers of protection to your computer. With the help of the program you can do a lot of actions, for example, Steganos Privacy Suite 18 allows you to create a special secure drive on your system, portable drive or in the cloud storage and store there your important and confidential info; encrypt and hide your sensitive files; store all passwords reliably; encrypt your emails; delete files permanently and unrecoverably; erase all traces on your system after browsing the Internet, and so on.

Safe- if you have got a lot of sensitive files and want to store them safely, you can take full advantage of this useful utility. All you need to do to start using this feature of the program is to create s secure safe for storing your confidential files. Fortunately, it is a very easy task. The program offers three different ways to create a secure safe, i.e. you can create the safe on your local computer, on an external hard drive or USB flash drive and use it on several computers to access sensitive files and, finally, encrypt files in your cloud services. The program currently supports the following cloud services- Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Only a few easy steps are required to set up your secure drive. In the first step you should name the name of the drive and assign the desired letter to it; in the second step you should select a location for saving your files; in the third step you need to specify the size of your drive; in the fourth step you should protect your safe with a password (for the sake of security, Steganos Privacy Suite 18 offers several advanced methods for entering your security password; you have the possibility to use a special virtual keyboard to avoid tracking or an advanced in-built utility for generating strong and unbreakable passwords which allows you to set up the properties of your passwords, for example, the number of characters, letters, numbers and special characters, and so on. In addition to these methods, the program also offers a very interesting way to create the password, i.e. a so called Picture Password. With the help of this utility, you can choose pictures or symbols in any order for creating passwords. The main advantage of the program is that you can see the strength and quality of your password in a real time.

In addition, for more security, you can store your created password on the USB flash drive and use it for accessing your confidential files. It should be also said that you have the possibility to import safes from the older versions of Steganos Privacy Suite 18, for example, version 14 or 15, etc.

In addition to the local safe on your computer, the program also allows you to create a portable safe (i.e. a special storage safe on your USB flash drive) on the one hand and a safe on the cloud services such as Google Drive, and so on.








Crypt and Hide- this second utility of the program is specially designed for encrypting and hiding your important files and folders. The program uses the most secure method for the file encryption- AES-XEX with 384 bits, which ensures the maximal security and protection against privacy thieves. You can also hide your files using PicPass utility offered by the program, i.e. hide your files in the picture. Currently Steganos Privacy Suite 18 supports two graphic formats for hiding files- JPEG and BMP and one audio format- WAV. The program also allows you to share your encrypted files among your friends using online cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.


Password Manager- as a rule we have got and use a lot of different passwords for entering our mails or social media websites, and so on. And, of course, we must protect all these passwords from stealing and unauthorized using. For reliable protection of all your passwords and other confidential details, Steganos Privacy Suite 18 offers a special tool- Password Manager. All you need to do is to create one universal password (and remember it) for storing and securing all other passwords. With the help of this utility, you have the possibility to store your online passwords (for example, website passwords, i.e. your user name, password, and so on), Bank accounts (for example, account number, IBAN, PIN number, and so on), Credit Card info (i.e. credit card number and holder, verification code, and so on), and so on. In addition, you can add as many categories and entries as you want.



Email Encryption- if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can take full advantage of this utility. It allows you to encrypt your mails directly in the program without opening Outlook, for example, attachments. This utility also works for iOS devices. The developer will add Android supports too very soon.


Shredder- this is a very useful and needful utility for permanent deletion of your sensitive files and folders without any chance of their recovery. Steganos Privacy Suite 18 allows you to shred files and folders, clean the free spaces on your hard drive (i.e. permanently delete any traces of files which were deleted using the inbuilt Windows utility) and, finally, erase the entire disk with all its partitions and files (this method is of use if you want to sell your hard drive). In addition, you have the possibility to schedule the deletion task and run it at a specified time, for example, daily, weekly, and so on. For file deletion, the program uses the most advanced military methods.



Trace Destructor- after browsing the Internet, performing various operations on the computer and opening files, a lot of confidential details are left on the system, for example, a list of visited websites, opened word files, and so on. This utility will help you to get rid of these traces safely and effectively. With the help of this utility you can delete Browser traces (for example, temporary Internet files, cookies, history data, and so on. Currently the program supports all well-known browsers such as Microsoft edge, Google Chrome, and so on), Windows traces (for example, temporary files, a list of recently used documents, and so on) and Office traces (for example, a list of documents recently opened in Word, and so on).



What is new in Steganos Privacy Suite 18?

New intuitive user interface

Email encryption

Optimized Internet trace destructor

Optimized shredder

Webcam protection

And so on.

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10


200 MB of free disk space.

Conclusion- Steganos Privacy Suite 18 is a universal set of tools and utilities for reliable and thorough protection of your privacy. Thanks to a lot of advanced tools, you have the possibility to protect your confidential and sensitive info fully. The program allows you to perform tons of useful and necessary actions to secure your privacy. You can reliably store your confidential files and folders, encrypt and hide your files, manage and control all your passwords and private details, effectively and unrecoverably erase any privacy traces on your hard drive and delete all other privacy details.

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 is a great application for those users who want to keep your private info in the safety.


1. Extremely easy user interface
2. A wide range of utilities for protecting privacy.


Only 5 interface languages are supported by the program

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