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Stickies is a free post-it note application for Windows

Stickies is a free post-it note application for Windows

by AshwinFebruary 23, 2016

Note taking, is an excellent way for keeping up with things.

Stickies post it notes for Windows

Things to buy, things to do, etc always play an important role in our lives. But we don’t remember them all.

Don’t worry, I too, am very absent minded. Whenever a friend asks me to look at an app which I may like, or asks for help with some technical issue later that day, or even for day to day tasks like buying groceries, I tend to forget it completely, thanks to my obsessive and hectic work schedule. Very often, I use my phone to send an email to myself, with a list of things to do or test (apps/games) the next day. This isn’t a great idea, but it surely does work, and is a bit effective for non-urgent stuff.

Fo the more important tasks, I use various To-Do apps, or even set alarms. But there is one more efficient way. Care to take a guess? Sticky Notes or Post-it notes are highly useful. And no I;m not talking about the ones that stick to your cupboard or fridge, I’m talking about digital ones.

Say hello to the Stickies application. It allows the user to type something in a note, and stick it to the desktop screen. And this little bit of virtual paper, will stick to your computer on top of other applciations. That is, it will be displayed in any Window you open, so you don’t miss it at all.

Stickies Notes for Windows

Is it annoying you during you gaming sessions? Fret not, for it allows you to set it to sleep for minutes/hours/days/weeks/months. It is highly customizable as you can change the colors, fonts, styling, etc, to make it nearly impossible to miss the notes.  You can even attach the stickies to an application too.

And that is not all it is capable of. You can set alarms in the app, and even set recurring reminders for various timelines (mentioned above).

Download Stickies for free from the official website, it supports 32-bit and 64-bit computers. The application works on Windows XP SP1, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. You can get an older version of the app and get it working on operating systems before XP SP1.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Sticks on top of any app
  • Alarms
  • Reminders
  • Customizable colors, fonts, style, etc
  • Supports Windows XP SP1, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • Older versions available for prior versions of Windows


  • None. It does it job, and does it well.

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