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70% OFF Sticky Password Premium Discount Coupon

70% OFF Sticky Password Premium Discount Coupon

by January 24, 2015

Sticky Password Premium Discount Coupon 2019.

There is no need to mention that the Internet is an amazing part of our life. I think that you will agree with me it is very difficult to find someone who does not use it on a daily basis. Every day we check our mail, visit different forums, buy various things through online shops, etc. It goes without saying that just about anywhere you go you need to login, i.e. enter your personal information (account name and password) to enter a site.

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It presents no difficulty if you visit one or two sites daily. But it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Many of us are registered users of innumerable sites. Nowadays each user has far more than one account in a variety of social networks, instant messaging and other Internet related services. For security reasons it is advisable to use complex passwords which must be different for each site; there is no question about it!

The problem lies elsewhere, namely in how and where we will keep our confidential information so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. There are different ways of doing this, for example, many users prefer to store passwords and other sensitive information in plain text files. This method may seem very convenient and reliable enough; just copy and paste passwords into the required fields, but to do so is a huge mistake! The user copies the password from the text file to the clipboard. In terms of security this method is very dangerous because data from the clipboard can be easily intercepted by a skilled hacker (or ‘some’ lucky script kiddies!).

Manual keyboard input cannot serve as a reliable protection either. If you happen to be infected with a key logger it can easily track each keystroke. Every browser has a built-in tool to save your web passwords, just one click of the mouse and the browser will save your confidential information. But, unfortunately, web browsers are vulnerable to hacker attacks. They will easily break even very strong passwords due to general flaws in how this information is stored and accessed. Of course, you may simply keep all your passwords in your head. But how many passwords can you remember- ten, maybe, twenty? We all have hundreds of passwords and you will agree with me, it is not very convenient. We are all human beings and we can forget our passwords.

The truth is that even though everything described above may appear depressing, you do not have to worry, because there is always a way out even from such an apparently hopeless situation. We can find the best solution possible with the help of a program called Sticky Password. It is an effective and reliable tool for storing, organizing and automatic filling of passwords on websites. The program supports multiple logins and passwords for a single account, seamless integration with all popular browsers, import and export of the password database, automatic creation of backups, built-in password generator, etc. Sticky Password will make the everyday routine and manual process of filling in logins and passwords as easy as possible.

The installation process of the program is very important. After selecting an installation language and accepting the EULA (End User License Agreement) Sticky Password will welcome you with a window which helps you to tune all the features with seven easy and quick steps. The First Step, “Welcome!”, it includes some information about Sticky Passwords main features;

Greeting Screen

the Second Step- create a new account or connect to your existing account;

Second step

the Third Step- here you can create a new account by entering your email and password. Try to create as strong a password as possible!!! Your password must have, firstly, one upper case letter, secondly, one lower case letter, thirdly, one numerical character and, lastly, at least eight characters. Of course, special characters are also encouraged along with a pass-code of greater length. This will add an additional layer of security to your password and help mitigate brute force attacks. Sticky Password will warn you if your password does not meet a minimum security requirement;

Third Step

the Fourth Step- “Cloud Sync”, the program will offer to enable or disable cloud sync via their cloud servers;

Cloud Sync

the Fifth Step- “New Master Password”, this step is very important. Here you must create a very strong password for your password database, i. e. for the database where all your website logins and other sensitive information will be stored;

Master Password

the Sixth Step- “Browser Integration”, Sticky Password automatically detects all the supported browsers installed in your system and offers to integrate itself into them. All saved passwords will be imported into the program if you check the desired browsers;

Browser Integration

the Seventh Step- “All Set”, that is all! All the program settings are now active and all the features are ready to use.

All Set

After installing Sticky Password a small icon with the program logo will appear in the window of the browser along the top right. You can manage and use the program directly from within your browser window- add account, view or organize bookmarks, etc. Besides which the icon for the program is automatically added to the notification area. Just right click on the logo in the system tray and the context menu with a set of commands and options will appear.

The main interface of Sticky Password is well-arranged and easy to use. It provides you with quick access to the list of main functions located on the left side of the window. In the new version another menu button was added with the help of which you can easily gain access to various functions such as export and import of database, tools, virtual keyboard, etc.

The program allows you to create web and app accounts, add bookmarks and personal identity information for online form filling. All websites are conveniently grouped by categories- Email, Finance, Forums, Gaming, Instant Messengers, Shopping, Social Networks, Subscription and Travel. You can easily edit, rename, delete or move categories.

To create a web account with Sticky Password is as easy as ABC. Just click on a button placed on the browser toolbar, select “Web Accounts” from the drop menu and then “Add Account”. You have to fill in some fields, i.e. the added account name, select web group, for example, “Forums”, enter your login and password and finally save them. Now you can visit the site quickly and comfortably without manually entering the login and password.

Sticky Password will automatically fill in login and password for the required fields of these sites. With the program you can also add other identity information for online form filling. It must contain Personal info (name, gender, marital status, etc.), Contact info (mobile and home phone, email, country, etc.), Internet (Yahoo ID, Skype name, etc.), Business info (company name, work phone, company ID, etc.), Finance (credit card, payment method, bank account, etc.).

The program can also store bookmarks which are grouped by different categories- email, finance, travel, shopping, etc. Sticky Password can synchronize data from all the users devices (for example, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, PC, Android tablet, etc.). You can choose Cloud and Local synchronization. Cloud synchronization option allows you to store data in the Sticky Password cloud service while local is used to synchronize devices via Wi-Fi or other local network. The synchronization process is fully automatic and safe due to reliable AES 256 encryption.


q 2

q 3

With the help of the program you may import or export the database. Sticky Password allows you to import data directly from other password managers (RoboForm, KeePass, LastPass, Dashlane and Kaspersky password manager) or from browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, etc.). As for the export option you can export your database to a secure (encrypted) format or an unencrypted format (XML, HTML and TXT).

q 4

Sticky Password includes four additional tools- Restore (the program monitors changes in account settings and each time creates a backup of the previous state of the database, so you can easily restore your data in the event of system failure); Virtual Keyboard (a very essential security tool against keyloggers. Due to a special module “Anti Spy” keyboarded text will be unobtainable for hackers); Password Generator (with the help of this tool you can create strong passwords that are difficult to crack. You can determine the length of the password (up to 100 characters but be warned each site may have its own limit), include different types of characters (capital, small letters, diacritic marks and numbers) and Portable passwords (it is another useful feature of the program. You can transfer all your data to removable media, create a portable version of the program and export all necessary files and settings to a USB flash drive, etc.)

q 5

Virtual keyboard

Password Generator

The program has a highly customizable settings menu. You can customize all the features to your taste, for example, assign hot keys, add lists of trusted or ignored websites, select an authorization method and many others.



1. Very comfortable and easy to use interface
2. Plenty of useful tools
3. Synchronization of all devices via cloud service
4. Strong AES 256 bit encryption algorithm.


Free version has very limited functions.

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Sticky Password is a very useful application which due to its many features makes the process of entering logins and passwords extremely comfortable and convenient.

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