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SurfRight Hitman Pro Review

SurfRight Hitman Pro Review

by June 4, 2015

SurfRight Hitman Pro Review

Antivirus is a special application designed to protect the operating system against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and unauthorized access to steal valuable personal data in real time. So it goes without saying that each computer must be protected by reliable and powerful antivirus because every day you are at risk to infect your system and destroy its stability and performance.

But may you rely on only one antivirus program? Can it safely protect you against all threats? It is a matter of opinion! And it is a well-known fact that opinions differ, some think that one antivirus is more than enough for reliable protection of the system. Some agree with them, and some disagree.

Unfortunately, in the modern computer world it is not enough to protect computers against all malware threats using only one antivirus application. According to statistics, even the most advanced antivirus programs cannot detect and eliminate all threats, i.e. viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and spyware. Just for this reason it is necessary to have such a program which will give its own opinion that differs from the opinion of your installed antivirus because it needs no saying that “two heads are better than one”, or speaking in other words “two opinions are better than one”.

SurfRight Hitman Pro is just that application which will thoroughly scan your system and give you its own opinion about the system safety.

SurfRight Hitman Pro is a cloud based antivirus scanner which offers additional means of protection to your installed antivirus, antispyware or firewall programs. It is an additional layer of protection designed to restore your computer after infection with malicious software.

SurfRight Hitman Pro is an antivirus scanner which can be used in combination with another installed antivirus program. It includes not only its own virus database, but also uses the virus database of such leading security vendors as Kaspersky Lab and Bitdefender.

Download and Installation

SurfRight Hitman Pro is a software product developed by Dutch software developer SurfRight founded in 2006. It specializes in developing high-quality applications related to online security and protecting against malware, spam, phishing, etc.

The trial version of the program can be downloaded from the official SurfRight website and is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows. They are very small in size 32-bit version is 9.63 MB and the 64-bit version is 10.5 MB.

The trial version of SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 is fully functional and it has not got any limitations in using, but only in the scanning mode, i.e. you have the possibility to scan for malware but you cannot remove and clean it. If you want to take full advantage of all features of the program, you can activate a one-time license which will be valid for 30 days.

A one-year license costs $24.95 and it is valid for one PC only.  They also have a three-year license which sells for $49.95.

The program is multilingual and it is available in more than 30 languages.

SurfRight Hitman Pro practically needs no installation. All you need is to run program’s EXE file, after that read and accept the terms of the license agreement and finally, configure some setup options such as automatic scan of the computer daily during startup and desktop and start menu shortcuts. That is all. After finishing these two easy steps, the program will start the first scan of the system and give you detailed results about all found and detected threats.

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 4

The Interface of the Program

The main screen of the program looks quite simple at first sight. It is not overcrowded with a lot of buttons and tabs. The program provides you only with a few options which are located at the bottom of the window, namely:

Buy Now –  allows you to purchase the full version (after buying the program it disappears).

Kickstart USB flash – a small icon in the form of a kickboxer for creating a bootable USB drive and removing malware called ransomware and the like.

Next – a drop-down menu for performing a quick or default scan of the system.

Introduction 1

Settings – this section of the program contains six tabs they are as follows:

Settings – here you can configure the main features of the program, for example, you have the possibility to compress files before uploading to the cloud server, scan for malware remnants or potentially unwanted programs, etc.

Interface- Settings

Scan – the program allows you to schedule a scan of the computer, for example, you can run it at startup, daily or select the desired day of the week and suitable time for you.

Interface- Scan

History – this tab includes two sections – Quarantine (here you can view the quarantined items and remove or restore them) and Logs (it contains log files of all performed scans where you can find detailed information about scan date, mode, and duration, the number of scanned objects and found threats, and so on).



License – in this tab you have the possibility to activate the full license of the program (of course, if you have the product key) or one-time license which will be valid for 30 days you just insert your email address and confirm it.

Interface- License

Proxy – the program allows you to configure proxy settings both automatically and manually.  Just select the desired configuration, i.e. specify Proxy address and port or use the system Proxy settings from Internet Explorer.

Interface- Proxy

Advanced – here you can configure disk access mode, i.e. Direct Disk Access or Compatible Disk Access, upload suspicious files to a free online virus scanner website called Virus Total and enable the special core technology of SurfRight Hitman Pro 3- EWS, i.e. Early Warning Scoring.

Interface- Advanced

The Main Features of the Program    

Scan – the program offers two different scan modes – Default Scan and Quick Scan. During the quick scan SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 only checks critical areas of the system, i.e. registry, system files, etc. It should be noted that the scanning time is amazingly fast. The program took just 21 seconds to scan all objects (4.335 in total) on the system. After finishing the scan, you have the possibility to save results as a log file.

Quick Scan results 1

As for Default Scan (which is enabled by default in the program) all files of the system are scanned. It is also very fast.  SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 took only One minute and 40 seconds to perform the full scan of the system. It managed to find only 56 tracking cookies, fortunately, my computer was free from any threats. The program allows you to delete found cookies immediately after scanning (it is a default option) or ignore them. Among additional features, it is worth mentioning the possibility to upload suspicious or unknown files to a free online scanner website called Virus Total.

Default Scan 1

Default Scan 2

The main advantage of the program is that it uses so-called cloud scanning on the one hand and behavioral scanning on the other hand, i.e. unlike a regular installed antivirus application which uses permanently updated virus signature database for identifying viruses on the local computer and significantly reduces the system performance during the scan. SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 monitors and analyzes actions that each file or process and their influence on the system. Speaking in other words, the program analyzes the behavior of files and if it detects something suspicious and risky, it uploads them to the cloud server for the further analysis. The program uses not only its own cloud technologies for detecting malicious files, but also cloud technologies of such reliable and well-known security software providers such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab.

The program allows you to configure scanning and uploading settings, namely, you have the possibility to compress unknown suspicious files before upload, create a restore point before removing files, scan for malware remnants, etc.

History – all found and infected files detected by the program are automatically quarantined after double clicking on them, you can get detailed information about them.

SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 saves all performed scans as log files, so you can get a detailed report on each scan carried out by the program.

Schedule – the program allows you to schedule the automatic scan of the computer you have got options to run it at startup or daily at a specified time.

Integration – you can integrate the program into Windows Explorer menu and scan files and folders just by using a double-click of the mouse.

Proxy – the program lets you configure proxy settings and use it for uploading suspicious files to the cloud server.

Virus Total – SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 gives you the possibility to upload suspicious files to a free online virus scanner website Virus Total for identifying viruses, worms, Trojans, and so on.

Kickstart – in SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 there is a special utility to scan and disinfect the system called Kickstart which allows you to create a bootable USB stick to detect and remove different types of so-called winlockers that block the Windows operating system.

The winlocker is a kind of malicious software that blocks the operating system and often requires money transfer (for example, via SMS or online payment systems) to restore the performance of the computer. If your system is infected by the winlocker, each time after starting the computer you will see a message which requires money payment to unlock it. Unfortunately, you are not able to run the antivirus program installed on your system to get rid of the winlocker.

Just for this case you need this great feature of SurfRight Hitman Pro 3. All you need is to make a bootable USB stick. Thanks to advanced technology Kickstart bypasses the security mechanism of the winlocker virus and helps you quickly and easily remove it from the system. You do not need to do anything, simply follow the instruction and in less than five minutes, you will free your computer from the winlocker for good. Simply insert the USB drive into the computer’s USB port, boot the system, enter the computer’s BIOS and select Hitman Pro Kickstart USB-media.


System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8/8.1


Thanks to advanced and leading software components SurfRight Hitman Pro 3 allows you to detect and remove different rootkits, spyware applications and viruses before they destroy the stability and performance of the computer. For identifying potential threats, the program uses an innovative behavioral scan of the system. In addition, the application uses modern cloud technologies for scanning your computer in which are combined the most advanced scanning mechanisms of popular antivirus programs such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab.

Among the main merits of the program, it is necessary to name the following. Firstly it has got a very intuitive user interface. Secondly it requires little system resources, i.e. it has got a minimal impact on the performance of the operating system, and thirdly it does not conflict with installed antivirus programs.


1. Very fast scan time
2. No additional load on the system
3. Leading scanning technologies based on the cloud service and behavioral scan
And many others



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A reliable and comprehensive solution against all threats

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