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Survio Review

Survio Review

by June 1, 2018

Why should one use Survio for conducting surveys? We can answer that question for you. Creating an online survey is not easy, unless you have coding knowledge. We are not just talking about creating a survey form and the different fields in it, but also about how difficult it is to track the results from respondents who took the survey. This however becomes a very easy task, so easy as if it is like you are using a web mail interface for creating the survey.

That’s how user-friendly the online GUI of Survio’s website is. This is where the dashboard for the software can be accessed from. To create an account, you have to start a survey. You can create a private or test one too, to get started.

But just because the sign up process requires choosing to create a survey, doesn’t mean the survey should be published immediately. You can take your time to get familiar with the interface’s options, which allows you to add new pages to your survey,

The dashboard’s main page can be used to “Create a Survey” or to manage currently running ones. The symbols below every survey can be used to know the status of the survey. The large toggle button can be used to enable the survey or to end it at any time. Each survey listed here will display the name of the survey, a custom survey note. You can view the the total number of Reponses to the survey from the same pane. There is an edit survey option, which you can use to check the survey questions, and also to add or delete new questions and other information in the survey.

You can preview the questionnaire before you publish the survey. This is done through the survey designer, which allows you to customize the landing page, and to add your questions to the survey using the sidepanel. You can add more than one question to a page, or leave it to one question per page.

The settings tab allows you to see the status of the survey, i.e., whether it is collecting answers, and has options to set a deadline for it, aka a start date and a due date. You can allow users to submit multiple surverys from the same device, in the kiosk mode. This is useful if the computer is a shared one or a public one, like in a library or a lab or a class.

Surveys can be set to auto scroll after a question has been answered. You can toggle the return to previous questions option, should you feel that the respondents not be allowed to change a previous answer or not. Survio allows you to enable the auto-question number option too. You can disable the Survio advertisement from the survey’s footer.

The Collect responses option on Survio’s dashboard, can be used to increase the number of respondents to the survey. How? Well it is a social sharing page using which you can get a link for the survey. This link can be sent via email to your respondent. You can also share the survey from this page directly on to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and VK. If you want to disable social sharing, you can do so from the Settings tab.

You will find the email invite option for sending the survey to your contacts in this tab, along with an option to get a code to embed the survey to your website. Alternatively, you can download the survey in a PDF file that you can use for printing. The Survey QR Code can be used to get a QR code image which can be scanned to get your survey’s link.You can use it on a business card, leaflets, stickers, or on your website too.

The Results tab allows you to view and analyze the results of the survey, including for an ongoing survey. You can share the results, view individual responses, and see the survey summary stats from the same tab.

The Survio dashboard has a response meter which tells you how many responses your surveys have gotten. You can also see the total responses, total surveys, and total number of questions from the dashboard page.

Now that you know about the various features of Survio, it is time to learn about the premium featyres that you can get.

Survio has three plans to choose from:

  • Survio Personal
  • Survio Business
  • Survio Elite

Survio Personal:

Survio Personal is the basic premium tier option from the service, and allows up to 1000 responses per survey every month, which is a lot compared to the 100 responses per month that the free version allows. None of the tiers have a cap for the number of questions that a survey can have, or to the number of surveys that you are allowed to create, aka you get unlimited surveys and questions. To mix things up, you can enable the randomizing the order of the questions.

Survio Review

There are 70+ designs to pick for your survey. You can add images and videos to your survey questions too. You can use the 100+ templates to create a survey. There are more shortcuts for creating a survey quickly, such as the clone survey and clone questions options. You can add your own tooltip to questions. The survey progress bar can be enabled, which can motivate the respondent to complete the survey.

When a survey goes live, you may want to keep an eye out for responses. Don’t worry, the Survio dashboard’s settings page has options to notify you by email or on Slack, when a new response for a survey has been received.

You can restrict access to the surveys by using the IP address option or by adding a password for security. This can be useful if the survey audience is a particular group or limited in number, or maybe even geo-restricted to a location.

The results tab allows you to view graphs, charts and aggregated results of the surveys, in real-time, so you can get the information in a professional manner which is easy to analyze. You can export the survey results in the following formats: PNG, SVG, PDFs, and also save them to Google Sheets. You can save individual responses as an XLS or CSV file for further analysis.

Survio Business:

Survio Business has all the features of the Personal plan and more. This plan allows you to add your own thank you page, which will appear when a respondent completes the survey. The same can be said about the footer content of the survey, and the URL which you can use to promote the survey. You can get up to 10,000 responses to surveys every month, which means you can use it to get feedback from a large user group such as a brand’s customers or a product’s users, etc.

To get such a large response count, you may want to use the Email invite option. And the Survio Business plan allows you to import email addresses of your Contacts from popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live. You can use the imported contacts for sending the email invites.

Survio Review

There are options to add a custom logo of your company’s brand, along with custom text, and send them in the email invite to the potential respondents. The website redirection option can be used to take the respondent to your own website, after the survey has been completed.

Survio Review

You can make surveys to be non-anonymous which means the respondent will have to share their contact information with you. This can be useful for providing customer support, to write back to the user, etc. Results can also be shared on your website for people to view.

Survio Elite:

Survio Elite offers the features of the Business Plan, plus some extras. This happens to be the only plan, which allows you to create a custom URL parameters for the survey. You can get unlimited responses to the surveys that you create.

And you have over 1,000 templates to choose from for creating the surveys.  You can even create NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys using the Survio Elite plan. Apart from Slack/email notifications, you can track responses in real-time using the Elite Plan’s exclusive feature. You can also use Google Analytics to track responses to your survey.

You can export the survey results in Microsoft Office document formats such as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, or use the other options mentioned in the Business and Personal plans. The Elite plan allows customizing the PDF result summary reports to include only the information that you want. But only the Elite plan allows you to backup the survey on to the cloud on Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Survio Review

Survio Elite is also the only plan from the service which entitles you for 24/7 tech support from the company over email.

All of Survio’s surveys are designed to be mobile-friendly, so regardless of the device that the respondent is using, they will be able to view the questions and answer them easily.

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