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System Mechanic Pro 14.5 Review

System Mechanic Pro 14.5 Review

by March 9, 2015

System Mechanic Pro 14.5 Review

Windows is a pretty good and stable operating system. But after some time you may notice it getting slower and slower, figuratively speaking, it is getting older and older. Immediate action must be taken when you notice this change. You need a good doctor (i.e. a reliable program) who carefully examines all problems with health and prescribes a good medicine for fixing or improving them.

Of course, the maintenance of the Windows Operating System can be carried out by means of many built-in utilities. Some of them are very easy and intuitive and even an inexperienced user can use these tools safely but unfortunately a lot of other configuration settings are hidden or very difficult for novices and only professionals can understand and manage them.

You can choose to take a different step towards improving your computer performance and use third-party applications. But it is very difficult to find a program which can fully repair and restore the speed of the operating system making it as healthy as before. There are a lot of such programs on the software market but some work better than others. Today I want to review a program which is called System Mechanic Pro. It has been on the software market since 1998 providing every user with nearly everything for reliable and easy maintenance of the Windows operating system. It is still one of the best programs.

Download and Installation

System Mechanic Pro can be downloaded and bought from the official site which offers two different versions – Standard (sells for $49.95) and Professional (sells for $69.95). I have chosen the Pro version for my review because it includes a full set of features and contains some tools not included in the Standard one. The installation file is pretty big, about 140 MB.

The installation process is standard and does not require any extraordinary knowledge. After accepting EULA the program opens a new window where you can select product activation mode. If you do not want to buy the license immediately or if you do not have an activation key, you have the possibility to install a trial version for thirty days by entering your email address in the next step. The time-limited key will be sent to your email inbox in seconds. After that you must select the destination location and components you want to install (the program offers to install three additional components- Search and Recover, DiskScrubber and an Antivirus); and finally before starting file extraction you can choose between the typical installation or customize it by setting the desired preferences during each installation step.

Installation 4

Installation 5

Installation 6

Installation 9

Installation 10


The main window of the program is pretty attractive and easy to navigate. All main modules and tools are located on the left side:

Dashboard  Here you can view the current system status of your PC and any problems found along with recommendations for improving them.


Active Care  Is a collection of all the automated tasks that can be performed by the program. You can enable or disable each of them manually.

Active Care

LiveBoost  This section contains information about real-time status, processor, memory, drives, configurations of LiveBoost and PowerSense module.

Live Boost

Internet Security  If you decide to install the antivirus and antimalware modules together with the program you can view their status here.

Toolbox is divided into All-in-One and Individual tools. We will cover these more fully below.

Reports  Contains a lot of information about hard drive space, system memory, the history of fixes and optimization actions, etc.

Reports 1

Reports 2

Reports 3

Reports 4

Main Features of the program

Individual Tools

The program contains a lot of individual tools which are conveniently divided into eight groups according to a specific problem and function:

Maximize Performance

Enhance Protection

Clean Up System Clutter

Repair Problems

Ensure Personal Privacy

Manage System Configuration

Recover Deleted data

Perform Diagnostics

Maximize Performance

This group contains the following tools:

Net Booster

Program Accelerator

Memory Mechanic

Startup Optimizer

Designated Drivers

CRUDD Remover

Registry Compactor

Net Booster  It is very difficult to imagine modern life without the Internet. It is an endless well and treasure trove of knowledge. Using it we can easily communicate with our friends via email or social media sites, download needed books, videos and more so we need a high quality Internet connection. System Mechanic Pro will help you to optimize and customize Internet settings by accelerating and tuning hidden Internet resources. In the first section called Optimize Internet Settings the program will accelerate and improve Internet connection speed in two easy steps. Simply select an optimization procedure in the first step and choose Internet connection type in the second one. That is all. After performing a thorough scan of the system, the program will determine the best configurations for your network.

In the second section Customize Advanced Internet settings you can configure a wide range of Internet settings, for instance, DNS (i.e. Domain Name Server), MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit), Max Syn Retransmissions, etc. All changed settings can be reset or restored to the original state.

Optimize Internet settings 1

Optimize Internet settings 2

Optimize Internet settings

Customize Advanced Internet Settings

Program Accelerator  Over the course of time many programs become slower and slower and may take several minutes to start, this happens due to the disarray of essential file components of the program which are disorderly scattered over the hard disk. With the help of this trademark tool you can improve performance and speed up any program installed on your system. Thanks to a unique algorithm System Mechanic Pro thoroughly scans for these misplaced files and tries to re-align them again. These actions can greatly increase launch time and performance speed of the programs.

Re-Align Programs 2

Re-Align Programs 3

Re-Align Programs 6

Memory Mechanic  A lot of different processes and programs consume precious memory resources of the computer and if it runs out it can greatly decrease the speed and performance of your entire system. System Mechanic Pro helps you to analyze current memory usage and after defragmentation distinctly maximize your PC’s RAM. The program offers two different methods of optimization – Standard and Deep. The ‘Standard’ method takes less than a minute and performs very quick and basic scan while the ‘Deep memory’ defragmentation is lengthier and respectively needs more time to complete but it performs a more comprehensive analysis to improve and maximize the computer speed.

Memory Mechanic 1

Memory Mechanic 2

Startup Optimizer  You may have a lot of programs starting up when Windows boots. Some of them are unnecessary and can be safely removed from starting with the Windows. System Mechanic Pro gives you a detailed list of all the startup programs, namely, classification (dangerous, unnecessary and user choice), performance impact (slight impact, no tangible impact, etc.) and even user community results. In addition you can view thorough information about each program, its name, publisher, startup type and file name.

Startup Optimizer 2

Startup Optimizer 3

Designated Drivers  Drivers are a very important part of any operating system. They are a connecting link between the computer and any internal or external device, for instance, video or sound card, printer or scanner, etc. Without them the system is not able to determine what a device is or how to use it and therefore it does not work properly. So you always need the latest and only reliable drivers. This tool is specifically created for that purpose. It thoroughly and safely search for all the drivers installed in your system and offers to update them to the latest ones. Do not fear to update them. The program will back up all the current drivers before updating so you will be able to restore the previous state of the system if needed. But it is simply improbable that you’ll have issues because System Mechanic Pro updates only those drivers which have been certified by Microsoft.

Designated Drivers 1

Designated drivers 2

CRUDD Remover  CRUDD is short for Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers. This tool scans for any redundant and unnecessary program which slows down the system performance or speed and displays a full list of them. Removing such programs greatly increase the system stability. You can uninstall them directly in System Mechanic simply clicking on an appropriate button or keep them if you think that they are necessary for you.

CRUDD Remover 1

CRUDD Remover 2

Registry Compactor  HDDs are the one place in your computer where all your precious files from a single photo to the operating system are stored. But after some time they are getting slower and slower because of superfluity of fragmented files. We perform a lot of actions with our files, for example, delete them, move from one location to another, etc. For this reason some parts of the whole file are located far away from other parts and that greatly reduces disk performance. For eliminating those problems Windows has a special built-in tool for the defragmentation of fragmented files and joining them together again but it is very limited in features. Unlike Windows Defrag, System Mechanic Pro offers a highly developed and essential tool for improving system efficiency called Registry Compactor. The program completely analyzes the level of fragmentation in just three minutes, displays comprehensive results about disk fragmentation and defragments the registry.

Registry Compactor 1

Registry Compactor 2

Enhance Protection

This section contains three tools  Security Optimizer, Registry Backup and System Guard.

Security Optimizer  Windows is open to various security threats which can easily damage its stability. Thanks to this tool you can perform a full security scan of your system, detect any known vulnerability and optimize them. System Mechanic Pro offers two operation modes- Automatic (which includes quick and complete security optimization) and Advanced (here you can customize necessary scanning options manually). The program will test the most vulnerable Windows services and Network settings and display the full summary of found issues.

Security optimizer 2

Security Optimizer 3

Security Optimizer 5

Registry Backup  The Windows Registry is the heart of operating system. It is vulnerable to any changes and modifications which can destroy the Operating Systems stability and make it unusable. With the help of this tool you can back up your registry and easily restore it if something goes wrong.

Registry Backup 22

System Guard  This tool protects you from any unwanted changes which are dangerous for your system security. It controls any changes related to startup programs (you can allow or block them) or browser settings (Home page, search page, etc.).

System Guard 2

System Guard 3

Clean Up System Clutter

This section contains two tools PC Cleanup and Junk File Finder.

PC Cleanup Has two scan types for detecting and removing unnecessary temporary Windows files, Internet cache files, etc., Quick (which takes only a minute to complete) and Deep (about 6-7 minutes).

PC Cleanup 1

PC Cleanup 2

Junk File Finder A lot of unneeded and obsolete files might be wasting your precious disk space. This tool helps you to get rid of them and free up the disk from this garbage. Finding and removing system junk files can be performed both automatically (the program offers two modes – Quick Clean which scans only Windows temporary folders, and Deep that scans all the drives and folders)  manually.

Junk File Finder 2

Junk File Finder 4

Junk File Finder 7

Repair Problems

In this section there are four tools: Registry Tuner, Shortcut Repair, Drive Medic and System Troubleshooter.

Registry Tuner  With the help of this tool you can find and safely remove invalid registry data, for instance, invalid application folders, uninstallers, help files, etc.

Registry Tuner 2

Registry Tuner 4

Shortcut Repair  After uninstalling any application or deleting files, many broken shortcuts may remain scattered around your drive or the start menu and desktop. This tool helps you completely remove them from the system.

Shortcut Repair 3

Drive Medic  Helps you to search your hard drive for errors and tries to fix them. The usefulness of this tool is evident. If you do not check it at least once a week it may become unusable because of bad sectors and all your precious data will be lost forever. In addition you can create a bootable Medic recovery CD. It is used to load on an unbootable system and repair it.

Drive Medic 2

Drive Medic CD

System Troubleshooter  In this section there are three options which will help you to restore the operating system stability if something goes wrong with it, i.e. Repair Wizard (which can solve the most common system problems), Windows Restore Point (it helps you to restore the previous state of the operating system from Windows snapshots) and Restore System Registry (it helps you to restore Windows registry from the backups created by System Mechanic Pro).

System Troubleshooter

Ensure Personal Privacy

This section contains three tools related to personal privacy: Privacy Cleaner, Incinerator and DriveScrubber.

Privacy Cleaner  A lot of confidential and private data is left after using browsers, some applications and Windows. With this tool you can easily erase Windows run history, Clipboard history, etc. the browser cookies, passwords, typed URLs, temporary Internet files, and so on.

Privacy cleaner 1

Privacy cleaner 2

Privacy cleaner 3

Incinerator  This tool allows you to permanently erase sensitive and confidential files and folders by overwriting them with random characters. With the help of the slider you can choose how many times you want to overwrite them (from one to ten passes). The more passes you overwrite with the more sure you can be that it will not be recoverable.

Incinerator 2

Incinerator 3

DriveScrubber  If you delete files and folders using Windows you must know that unfortunately some remnants of them are still on the disk and they can be easily recovered with the help of special applications. DriveScrubber will permanently erase those files and folders from your hard drive. Nobody will be able to recover them. Below are screenshots of the three methods of file wiping.

DriveScrubber 1

DriveScrubber 2

Manage System Configuration

In this section you can configure and manage Startup programs, running processes; customize Windows settings; find duplicate files and remove installed programs.

Remove installed programs

Startup programs

Running processes

Search and Recover

The program allows you to search for deleted files and recover them. You can recover practically everything- documents, photos, movies, music, email messages from email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Search and recover

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8/8.1

512 MB of RAM

200 MB of available hard disk space


System Mechanic Pro has a large set of tools to help optimize the system speed, eliminate various problems, clean junk files and more. The program offers over 100 options for configuring Windows parameters, for example, the appearance of the interface, performance and security.

System Mechanic Pro can increase the speed of your Internet connection, optimize and defragment your hard disk, recover your memory, block unneeded startup programs, increase the speed of applications and so on.

System Mechanic pro is one of the best programs on the software market. I recommend it as a reliable and highly effective tool for solving any problems concerning the Windows operating system.


1. More than 40 tools for Windows maintenance
2. Real-time protection and care of all Windows components
3. Antivirus real-time protection
and many more


The program is sometimes very slow

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System Mechanic pro is a great tool for reliable and thorough Windows maintenance

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