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September 21, 2015

AVG can sell your browsing data, its new Privacy Policy reveals

How often do you read Privacy policies of web services/apps, or End user license agreements (EULA) ?

If your answer is never, that’s okay, even I don’t pay attention to those in most cases.

I mean who has the time for them right? But sadly, that is not a good practice. Sometimes a policy may include the worst clauses ever. Like, for instance, the popular security firm AVG has updated its privacy policy, which now says that it can sell your non-personal browsing data to third parties, and by accepting the user agreement, you agree to this.

First let me be clear,we are not questioning AVG’s products, they are quite good, especially the [...]

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September 14, 2015

Mozilla Firefox enables built-in ads: The Suggestive Tiles are here

Mozilla Firefox has enabled its built-in ads, the so-called Suggestive Tiles are here.

It is not an idea which has been added out of the blue, it was originally announced about a year and a half ago, and drew instant criticism from users. I have also criticized this move quite a few times here, especially in my article from back in May this year.

Mozilla initially backed out from the idea, after users slammed the proposal, but decided it was necessary for its coffers, thought the company claims otherwise, it says isn’t being paid for. Back in November 2014, Mozilla severed ties with Google as its default search partner, and jumped ship to Yahoo. This hit [...]

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September 12, 2015

Google cuts out ad injectors after 300,000 Chrome users reported issues this year

Google is cutting out ad injectors which have affected its ad services very badly.

An announcement made at the Google Online Security blog reveals that a whopping 300,000 Chrome users, reported issues related to ad injections.

Ad injections are not new, it is done when a legit ad is replaced by a malicious one, through means of hijacking code. New ads are also injected to a webpage, with an intent to infect the user’s system.  About four months ago, Google highlighted the problem, and said that it had cleaned up several extensions from its Chrome Webstore, and also began blocking Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), which are malware apps disguised as [...]

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August 5, 2015

Yahoo hit by Malvertising campaign, and Flash is the culprit again

Yahoo was recently a victim of malicious attacks, and they came in the form of ads.

Yes, its own ads were hacked by a Malvertising campaign, and guess who was the culprit here?

Adobe Flash, takes the infamous crown yet again, in what seems to be a barrage of attacks which happened over the past few weeks. It began with the data theft from a security firm, when hackers exploited several vulnerabilities in Flash player to breach into the system.

This led to Facebook’s Head of Security calling for the “End of Support for Flash”, and even worse, the loopholes used in the attack convinced Mozilla to block the Flash Plugin in Firefox, for a [...]

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