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July 15, 2015

Adobe Flash Player patches more zero-day vulnerabilities

Adobe has released a new version of its Flash Player, which patches the security vulnerabilities which were recently found.

The zero-day vulnerabilities caused an attack on a security firm, which resulted in the theft of approximately 400GB of data and documents.

Adobe has been under flak from several users, and services for the number of flaws found in Flash. Mozilla and Facebook are also raising their pitchforks, with the former blocking Flash by default on its browser Firefox, while the latter’s head of security has called for the death of Flash.

Surprisingly, or should I say shockingly, one renowned company has conveniently forgotten to update [...]

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June 22, 2015

Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple are forming an alliance to bring a faster Web performance

Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple are forming an alliance to bring a faster Web performance.

They are putting aside their rivalry for the good of the internet.

Apparently, the four have been working secretly together for months. The project they are working on is called WebAssembly. Their intent is to develop a new technology which will allow browsers to load websites faster, and also to deliver a smoother experience in Web apps.

Very obviously, if this project succeeds, it will ensure that Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari could deliver superior performance in the future.

How did this effort begin?

Initially [...]

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April 13, 2015

Google Chrome is still an annoying battery drainer on Apple’s new MacBook

Google Chrome may be the most widely used browser in the World.

But that doesn’t make it flawless.

Is there any software which is flawless? Of course, there isn’t.

Okay, so just how bad is Google Chrome on the new Retina MacBook? Well, according to some tests done by The Verge, it is absolutely terrible.

Want to improve your MacBook’s battery life?

The solution is incredibly obvious. Avoid Chrome, seriously. Use Apple Safari instead. The test results from The Verge also says the same thing. Their MacBook made it through 13 hours of usage with Safari, while Chrome could only manage 9 hours and 45 minutes. So, the fact that [...]

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