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February 1, 2016

How to create a desktop shortcut in Windows 10

Windows 10 maybe the third most popular desktop operating system in the World today, after recently knocking out Windows 8.1 from the coveted position.

But let’s face it, the new operating system is messy.

New users find it very complicated, and non-user friendly. This is in fact very reminiscent of Windows 8 in several ways. Speaking of which, the key thing which made Windows 8 flop miserably was the lack of the Start Menu.

Windows 10 brought the Start Menu back, after listening to user feedback. But did it accomplish the job? No, simply no. The new Start Menu as you may have noticed comprises of tiles and a gigantic list of all the apps you have. In [...]

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September 9, 2015

Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 disables data collecting options in the OS, Cortana, Edge and more

Windows 10, while a great operating system as it is, comes with a plethora of settings which send your data to Microsoft’s servers.


Of course most of these data will be used for delivering personalized ads, but no one likes it the data collected, is irrelevant to the services the operating system provides, or the apps that you use.

What makes an OS a good one, is the fact that it allows the user to be in control. But the problem in our scecario, is more prominent, in that these data collecting settings are enabled by default, if you chose to upgrade to Windows 10 using the Express Settings.

In fact, the user agreement says that ” [...]

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