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December 30, 2015

AVG AntiVirus force-installed a Chrome extension called AVG Web TuneUp, which is critically vulnerable

AVG Antivirus has been found to have force-installed a vulnerable Google Chrome extension called AVG Web TuneUp.

The issue was reported by one of Google’s Project Zero researchers, Tavis Ormandy, at its Product Forums.

It is worth noting that Ormandy has reported several security issues in Antivirus products in the past, including some in ESET, Kaspersky, to name a few.

The AVG Web TuneUp extension was found to add many JavaScript API’s to the browser, which can be used to hijack Chrome’s search settings, and also the new tab page in the browser. AVG’s extension reportedly bypassed Chrome’s malware detection rules, and [...]

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September 21, 2015

AVG can sell your browsing data, its new Privacy Policy reveals

How often do you read Privacy policies of web services/apps, or End user license agreements (EULA) ?

If your answer is never, that’s okay, even I don’t pay attention to those in most cases.

I mean who has the time for them right? But sadly, that is not a good practice. Sometimes a policy may include the worst clauses ever. Like, for instance, the popular security firm AVG has updated its privacy policy, which now says that it can sell your non-personal browsing data to third parties, and by accepting the user agreement, you agree to this.

First let me be clear,we are not questioning AVG’s products, they are quite good, especially the [...]

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April 25, 2015

Crumble is a new Chrome extension from AVG, which disables cookie tracking

Antivirus maker and security firm, AVG, has announced a new security addon for Google Chrome.

The extension is called Crumble, and helps in preventing tracking cookies.

One of the ways that a user’s activity is tracked is by using a browser cookie. It stores information about page visits, and other browsing data.

Normally cookies are used for tracking visitors to a website, and displaying advertisements. But the internet is far from a safe place today. It is full of hackers, spies and malicious content.

In addition to using a good antivirus, and firewall, you should also make it a regular practice to delete your browsing history, and cookies. [...]

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