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October 31, 2015

Office Online for Google Chrome extension released, here is what it can do

Microsoft has released a new extension for Google Chrome.

This happens to be the first web browser add-on from the Redmond company.

And this isn’t the first time Microsoft has released an app for one of Google’s products. The Redmond Compnay has a plethora of applications available at the Google Play Store for Android devices, which includes the like of its personal digital assistant, Cortana, its mail app Outlook, and its Office apps.

Google on the other hand has almost zero apps for Windows 10, unless you count the Search App. But what can we do?

Let’s take a look at what the Office Online for Chrome extension has to [...]

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October 3, 2015

AdBlock Chrome Extension sold to unknown buyer, the add-on will now have Acceptable Ads enabled by default

AdBlock for Chrome users, we have just come across some really bad news.

The developer behind the extension, has apparently sold the company.

The news was spotted by a Twitter user, who noticed a pop-up from AdBlock in Google Chrome. (refer to the screenshot above).

What’s interesting is the last part of the screenshot, which says:

“…. As a result, I am selling the company, and the buyer is turning on Acceptable Ads. My long-time managing director will keep working with the new company.”

And the worst part is that, the buyer is unknown. According to The Next Web, AdBlock  refused to say who the buyer was, as they had [...]

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September 7, 2015

Make Google Chrome more efficient with these three tab management extensions

Last week, I told you that Google Chrome is now more battery friendly, thanks to its auto pausing of Flash content, and several tweaks under the hood, to improve its performance.

Beginning with Chrome 45, the browser will now free up the memory used by idle tabs (background tabs)

You may have observed from my article, that I had criticized that Google Chrome does not have a feature similar to Firefox’s “Don’t load tabs until selected”, as a result of which all tabs from previous sessions are loaded upon launching Chrome. Here are three browser extensions, which will help you use Google Chrome more efficiently. All three extensions are [...]

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