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January 14, 2016

ChakraCore engine officially open sourced by Microsoft

Back in December, we reported that Microsoft would be open sourcing part of its Chakra browser engine in January 2016.

And the Redmond company, true to its word, has just done the same.

The engine, based on Javascript, has been open sourced at the popular GitHub repository, under the project name ChakraCore. It is licensed under the MIT License, so that rules out GPL licensed code being used in it. But ChakraCore can be used in GPL based projects, because that’s how the licesning works.

Gaurav Seth, the Primary Program Manager for the Chakra team, announced the news at Microsoft’s official website today.

The ChakraCore engine is similar [...]

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December 11, 2015

AdBlock Plus for Microsoft Edge is coming soon, extension support may roll out earlier than expected

A few days ago, we came across some rather interesting (yet unconfirmed) news. It was a Tweet from a user, who posted screenshots of an upcoming feature in Microsoft Edge, extensions.

The images revealed the first extensions for the new browser in Windows 10, one for Reddit, and the other for Pinterest.

The Redmond Company had apparently jumped the gun, and accidentally posted the Microsoft Extensions repository. Not surprisingly, the page was quickly pulled. But that’s not the interesting news. reports that the popular add-on, AdBlock Plus has officially posted on its website, that it will soon be releasing the extension for Microsoft [...]

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December 6, 2015

Microsoft to open source Edge’s Chakra Javascript Engine in January 2016

Microsoft has announced something incredible, which will make developers smile with glee.

The Redmond company says that it is going to open source the engine of its newest browser, Microsoft Edge.

Edge is powered by the popular Chakra engine, which was originally developed by Microsoft for Internet Explorer, back in 2008. Ever since it made its debut seven years ago, the Javascript engine has evolved into an impressive performer.

Recently, a javascript benchmark test proved that Microsoft Edge powered by the Chakra Engine, is the fastest browser in the World, beating the likes of existing giants, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and of course, Internet [...]

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November 24, 2015

Microsoft reminds Windows 7 users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 by January 12, 2016

Microsoft Edge may be the talk of the town, but the new browser certainly hasn’t captured the hearts of many.

The majority of users out there, are using the browser which ships with Windows 7/8/8.1.

Yes it is none other than Internet Explorer, which adorns the crown among browsers. But that is not the surprising thing here, even though it does sound like it is. The real problem however, is that, most users are still using older and insecure versions of Internet Explorer.

The latest version of the browser is Internet Explorer 11, and it has been available for Windows 7 and above, for the past few years, and is even available in Windows 10. Older [...]

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