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January 13, 2016

Outlook for Mac adds support for Full Screen view and Split Screen view

Microsoft has announced a rather cool feature for its email application, Outlook 2016 for Mac.

The new feature, is called Full Screen view, and does exactly what the name suggests.

Outlook for Mac can now optionally, occupy the entire space of your screen, using Mac OS X’s native full screen view feature, allowing you to multi-task within the app, with multiple messages.

Opening email messages will open them in their own individual windows, within the app. The email message window is opened in focus view, meaning that the foreground is highlighted, for better reading and writing.

To return to the inbox, just click outside the focused [...]

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December 23, 2015

Google tests password-less login on the web using phone authentication

Google is renowned for protecting the security of its users.

To do this it uses various kinds of options, including the recently launched Password Alert extesnion, and the good old mobile authenticator apps.

This 2-way authentication, or 2-factor authentication as it is reffered to, helps protect the user’s Google account from being hacked by adding an extra layer of security.

But this method involves logging into the account using the regular password, which will actually trigger a prompt asking the user to enter a backup code which can be received using the mobile app mentioned abiove, or a code which the user could have backed up earlier, or get [...]

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December 19, 2015

Outlook on the web to add support for Smarter Address Book and Flight Confirmations in January

Microsoft has announced that it will be making some important changes to its email service,

The first of the changes is a Smarter Address Book.

The Redmond company says that it is adding new people and calendar features, which will help people to avoid spelling errors when using Outlook on the web. The company says that users often mispell names, or omit someone from a group email and this is what the new feature will fix.

And as this obviously suggests, will be learning from your usage. When you are composing a new message, and place the mouse cursor type in the recipient options (To: or Cc:), the email service will display a [...]

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December 12, 2015

Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 adds support for Linked Inboxes

Windows 10 users, how often do you use your Outlook Mail app?

More importantly, how many accounts have you set up to use the app with?

If your answer is more than 1, then you must be familiar with the following scenario. More often than not, we tend to use our work and personal email accounts in email clients, and the Mail and Caendar app in Windows 10 is no exception.

But the problem with having more than one email accounts in an email client is that it gets a bit cluttered, and difficult to manage. Wouldn’t it be better to read all your emails in one place? This is xactly, what has been added (back) to the Mail and Calendar app for Windows [...]

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