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January 9, 2016

Malvertisers used a HTTPS certificate to trick users to download a trojan

Yesterday, we reported about a ransomware as a service, called Ransom32, which is the first Javascript based one, being used to scare people into paying money.

Today, we cane across a rather interesting yet shocking report, about how some malvertisers are using a HTTPS certificate to trick users.

Malvertising, aka malware in online advertisements, is a serious problem. Google and Microsoft stepped up their efforts to combat such online threats. The two companies updated their ad policies, to strictly disallow malicious and misleading ads in their ad services.

A popular online safety practice, is to use the HTTPS protocol. This secure encryption protocol [...]

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December 31, 2015

Microsoft stores your Disk Encryption keys on its servers, but you shouldn’t be worried about it

A couple of days ago, a report emerged claiming that Microsoft stores Disk Encryption keys on its servers.

Is this worth worrying about? Let’s analyse the situation.

But before that, what is encryption anyway?

It is a form of securing data, by locking down the information, with a password. Only by entering the password, can anyone decrypt your data, and view it, let alone modify it. They cannot use your data without this key.

Now, Disk Encryption in Windows does the same thing, but for your entire Hard Drive. Mind you, this is different from the BitLocker Encryption feature.

When Disk Encryption is enabled, Windows generates a key (aka a [...]

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