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July 9, 2015

Facebook rolls out new preferences which gives you some control of your News Feed

Facebook is doing it again, the social network is changing how the News Feed works.


But this time, it is giving more control to the user.

First of all, these features are not available for PC users just yet. So let’s take a look at the changes it introduced over the last couple of months, to display the most important stories on top of the Feed.

Initially the social network updated the News Feed, to put only posts from friends on top of the feed while content from pages were pushed lower down. Then, it introduced Instant Articles, which are news stories directly published on Facebook, by various News Publishing companies.

More [...]

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June 30, 2015

Facebook News Feed to rank videos based on user actions

Facebook has announced that it is improving the News Feed, yet again.

Over the past two months the social network has introduced several changes in the way stories are displayed.

Initially in May 2015, Facebook began to highlight status updates from friends on the top of the News Feed. This meant that pages that a friend likes, or comments on stories which they like will not be displayed on top of the feed, and will instead be moved lower down in the feed.

Then later in the same month, the social network announced that it would begin displaying Instant Articles in the News Feed. So, it partnered with several news companies, to allow them to post news articles [...]

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June 19, 2015

Facebook is testing See First, which puts posts from your favorite pages and friends on top of the News Feed

Facebook is testing See First, a new feature for your News Feed.

They just can’t stop messing with it, can they?

Last month, Facebook began testing a new feature which changed the way News Feed displays posts. It began placing important posts from your friends them on the top of your feed. This meant that pages, and stories on which your friends commented on, would be displayed lower down in the News Feed.

Recently, Facebook announced that it would improve the News Feed by observing the time you spend on reading news content.

Facebook’s new See First feature will be available as an option which you can toggle. But it won’t be [...]

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