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December 16, 2015

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit version officially released sans of 32-bit plugins support

About three weeks ago, we reported that the first stable version of Mozilla Firefox 64-bit was available from the official website.

But that version was not displayed at the downloads page, and was hidden away in the FTP page, from where you could still download it.

Mozilla did not announce the availability of the build, for reasons unknown, although we do speculate that it was possibly in a test phase, or to see how many users actually wanted to use the 64-bit version.

Today, with the release of Firefox 43, Mozilla has announced that it is officially making the 64-bit version of the browser, publicly available at the downloads page. But you won’t [...]

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November 27, 2015

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit hits stable version, available for download from the official FTP servers

Mozilla has quietly released the much awaited 64-bit version, of its popular web browser, Firefox.

There was no official announcement about the release, and  neither is there an updated version of the browser.

The 64-bit app is currently on par with its 32-bit version 42.0. It appears that the 64-bit browser is only available for download from Mozilla’s FTP directory, and that it is not yet available at the main download website. The reason behind this, is likely because of instability issues.

But there is one more reason, as to why it has not been released to the main page. Currently, Mozilla Firefox 64-bit, does not support any plugin except for [...]

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