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November 20, 2015

Google Hangouts now lets you invite users to video calls, even if they don’t have a Google account

A few months ago, Google decided it was time to clean up its social networking website, Google+, and launch an independent website for its instant messaging service, Hangouts.

Though it was originally created to rival its fierce competitor, Facebook Messenger, the Mountain View company did polish up the new website some good features.

About 10 days ago, Google began rolling out some cosmetic changes for Hangouts video calls, with a distraction free UI, and also included a bunch of performance fixes to make the entire service speedy, as well as to improve the video call’s picture clarity and quality.

Now, it is rolling out a new feature for Hangouts, [...]

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November 10, 2015

Google Hangouts on the web gets a new interface for video calls, performance improvements and more

Back in August, Google launched an individual website for its instant messaging service Hangouts, to rival Facebook’s “Messenger”.

The new website offers pretty much the same features that the Gmail’s and Google+’s mini version of hangouts does.

But it is quite a decent website, to make video calls, or to chat with your friends without the distraction of emails and social posts. The Mountain View company has made the website even better with some changes announced today.

Google Hangouts on the web now has a new interface, which has been streamlined for video calls. Cosmetic changes aren’t the only thing new, since the [...]

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August 18, 2015

Google Hangouts gets its own website to rival Facebook Messenger

Google has announced a new website today, but it isn’t for a new service.

The new portal is for the popular Instant Messaging service, Google Hangouts.

Don’t worry, Hangouts is still available in Gmail, as well as in Google+. The new website however should eliminate the need for having one of the aforementioned websites, open in your browser, just to have a chat with your friend on Hangouts.

You can access the Google Hangouts Website from this link.

And this is what the web portal of Hangouts looks like:

Even though the website looks like a totally different experience, it is not so. The Google Hangouts lets you send [...]

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July 31, 2015

Google Hangouts is rolling out some new invitation settings, and you may not like it

Google is rolling out some new invitation settings for it’s instant messaging service, Hangouts.

The change was spotted by a user, who posted the information on Google+.

How to access the new invitation settings in Google Hangouts:

1. Login to your Gmail Account.

2. Notice the Hangouts bar on the left which displays your profile picture, and the list of your contacts. Click on the downward arrow beside your name.

3. A pop-up menu should appear on the screen, with a lot of options. Scroll all the way down.

4. Click on the option which says “Customize invite settings”. It is the penultimate option, just above [...]

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