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December 11, 2015

Google Photos makes sharing photos easier with collaborative Shared Albums

A few months ago, Google decided it was time to clean up its social newtorking website, Google+, and spun off Google Photos as a separate service.

Later it launched an individual website for its instant messaging service Hangouts, before recently removing support for the service from Google+.

Google Photos allowed users to send the photos they upload to the cloud, to their loved ones with easy sharing options like web links, email and text messages (phone version). But Google is making things slightly easier now, by allowing users to share entire photo albums with their family and friends.

The Mountain View company terms this feature as Google Shared [...]

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October 22, 2015

Google Photos has 100 Million active monthly users

Remember Google Photos? The service was launched just a few months ago.

And you will not believe how many users it has.

Google has officially announced that Photos has a whopping 100 Million users, who actively use the service every month. That actually is very surprising, since Google is very secretive, and never reveals the exact number of how many users one of its services has.

Ironically Google Photos, is a spin-off of Google+. The latter is the Mountain View company’s social network, which is widely regarded as a huge flop. It is also believed to be the reason why Google actually decided to make Photos into a separate service.

Not everyone [...]

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July 22, 2015

Google+ Photos is shutting down on August 1, images will be available at Google Photos

Google has announced that Google+ Photos is shutting down on August 1.

The Mountain View company is infamous for its reputation to send many of its services to the virtual graveyard, and it appears that an integral part of its social network is being cut off.

But Google killing the Google Photos service is not something out of the blue. Back in May, Google announced a new service dedicated to storing images, called Google Photos. It offers unlimited amount of storage space for free. But there is a slight catch in that Google Photos will not offer free storage space for images which are above 16 megapixels in resolution (for e.g.:DSLR images)

When it [...]

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May 29, 2015

Google Photos is now independent from Google Plus, and offers unlimited storage for free

Google has announced that its Photo sharing service Google Photos is now independent from Google Plus.

The service which debuted in the Mountain View company’s social network has some great new features as well.

The announcement was made at the Google I/O Developer Conference, which is held every year, in San Francisco.

Features of Google Photos:

Google Photos will automatically upload photos from all your devices, in to the cloud service’s storage. These photos can then be accessed from any devices, regradless of the plaform the device runs on. Photos even supports real-time editing, thus allowing any change you make to be reflected on [...]

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