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December 1, 2015

Google removes the Change Search Location option from Search Results

Google has removed a rather useful feature, from its search results.

You can no longer use the Change Search Location option that the Mountain View company used to provide earlier.

This option would allow the user to filter the search results by different countries. For example, if you searched for something but did not find the expected result, you have two options.

Either, you have to re-search for the content you were looking for by using better search terms, or narrow down the search results with some advanced settings or filters.

One such option, allows (used to) you to filter the results based on the country. Enabling this option would then [...]

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October 8, 2015

Google Search will now filter hacked and spammy websites from the results

Google is rolling out a security related feature to its search engine.

You may not notice it directly, as it is merely a server side change.

In our everyday browsing life, we browse several good websites. But sometimes these legit websites, get hacked and are embedded with malware and other dangerous stuff, hidden in the ads or web elements of the pages.

Google has always been tackling the problem to ensure the security and privacy of its users. More recently we have seen the Mountain View company taking stringent security measures to deal with with malvertising campaigns.

The latest step from Google is quite similar, except it improves the quality [...]

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September 18, 2015

Bing usage hasn’t improved even after the launch of Windows 10, grew a mere 1% in August

With Windows 10 being out there on PCs for over 40 days, you would expect that it helped Microsoft gain a foothold in the search engine space.

Has Bing finally found a surge in its usage?

Before we analyse that, lets go through a few scenarios, on what should theoretically help Microsoft acheieve this.

Bing as the browser’s default search engine:

You may already be aware how Mozilla got mad at the fact that Windows 10 changes the default app handlers in the operating system, to the built-in ones which are the “recommended ones” by Microsoft. This causes Microsoft Edge to be set as the default browser of Windows 10. This case applies not [...]

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September 3, 2015

Google for “Fun Fact” or “I’m feeling curious” to get a random question and answer right in the search result

Google sure knows how to entertain its users, and it has added a new feature to its Search page.

Though I mostly Sometimes I fire up the Google homepage when I’m bored, or to learn something new, and often end up perplexed on what to search for.

And chances are you may have come across such a scenario too. Well, the Mountain View company now has a fix for such situations. And it is offering it right under the search results page.

Google for the keyword “Fun Fact”, and you will be surprised by what you see, a fun fact. Yes, Google now returns a random question and answer, to keep you entertained. The above image shows the Q & A, which [...]

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