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January 9, 2016

Malvertisers used a HTTPS certificate to trick users to download a trojan

Yesterday, we reported about a ransomware as a service, called Ransom32, which is the first Javascript based one, being used to scare people into paying money.

Today, we cane across a rather interesting yet shocking report, about how some malvertisers are using a HTTPS certificate to trick users.

Malvertising, aka malware in online advertisements, is a serious problem. Google and Microsoft stepped up their efforts to combat such online threats. The two companies updated their ad policies, to strictly disallow malicious and misleading ads in their ad services.

A popular online safety practice, is to use the HTTPS protocol. This secure encryption protocol [...]

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October 24, 2015

Firefox will mark webpages as insecure if they send passwords over HTTP

Mozilla has unveiled its plans to make yet another changes to its popular browser, Firefox.

The new idea isn’t actually a bad one though.

Mozilla wants to improve the security of the browser, by marking webpages as insecure if they send passwords over HTTP. If you don’t know what that means, here’s a brief explanation. When you login to a wen service (email, social network,etc), your browser transmits the data through a web protocol. This is usually done through the secure protocol, HTTPS, You might have noticed it on banking and shopping websites. It is the small lock icon which appears next to the address bar of the browser, indicating that [...]

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June 18, 2015

Reddit will switch to HTTPS at the end of June, will offer site-wide encryption

Reddit will switch to HTTPS at the end of June.

The news sharing and social networking website announced the news on its web portal today.

HTTPS isn’t a new addition to Reddit. The website has been offering the option, for almost a year. Users had to manually enable it, but soon, the website will enforce the secure protocol for all users beginning June 29th.

Reddit has announced that HTTP will no longer be available. So, even if you click on a HTTP URL leading to the website, it will automatically be redirected to HTTPS.

This gives some much needed privacy to the community-powered website. It really is hard to pin Reddit with a particular [...]

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June 17, 2015

Bing search traffic to be encrypted by default, roll out begins this summer

cros is beefing up user security, and will begin redirecting Bing search traffic to be encrypted by default.

Online Security has become extremely important over the years.

In this digital age of smartphones, and other high tech gadgets, people rely on the internet for everything, from personal communication to banking and shopping needs.

While it is a good practice to always use a fully patched operating system, that alone is not enough to stay safe on the web. That is why users are advised to use a quality antivirus and a modern browser for increased security.

But, online safety is not something that solely depends on the user end. Websites which [...]

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