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January 14, 2016

Skype 7.18 for Windows fixes the persistent unread notifications but adds new bugs

Popular VOIP service Skype, has been having its ups and downs lately.

Recently, it was reported that the app was causing messages to appear out of order.

That is, the messages were being displayed in random order, with the ones you texted being displayed above newer ones. The Skype community was flooded with complaints about the same. This led to a community moderator from Skype, acknowledging the presence of the issue, and suggesting a workaround.

He asked users to downgrade to a previous version of the app, which you can read about in the article linked below (messaging order bug). While awaiting a fix, Microsoft released a Windows Update called [...]

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December 4, 2015

Skype 7.16 update brings link preview and easy sharing options for Windows

Skype has updated its Windows desktop app to version 7.16 today.

And the Microsoft owned VOIP service, has added in a couple of new features to the popular app.

First up is an all new sharing toolbar, which it calls the Media Toolbar, which is placed directly underneath the text box. It has five icons for sending the following:

Image File Video Message Contacts Emoticon or Moji (the video animations which Skype added a few months ago)

The Media Toolbar will automatically hide itself, when you’re typing a message, for a distraction free experience. To re-enable the toolbar, click on the paper-clip icon and choose a sharing option. The [...]

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November 10, 2015

Google Hangouts on the web gets a new interface for video calls, performance improvements and more

Back in August, Google launched an individual website for its instant messaging service Hangouts, to rival Facebook’s “Messenger”.

The new website offers pretty much the same features that the Gmail’s and Google+’s mini version of hangouts does.

But it is quite a decent website, to make video calls, or to chat with your friends without the distraction of emails and social posts. The Mountain View company has made the website even better with some changes announced today.

Google Hangouts on the web now has a new interface, which has been streamlined for video calls. Cosmetic changes aren’t the only thing new, since the [...]

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September 28, 2015

Zulip chat app open-sourced by Dropbox and you can download it now on several platforms

Dropbox may be renowned for its cloud storage services, but that isn’t the only service it owns.

One such example, is an app called Zulip.

It is a group chat application, which was originally developed by a start-up pf the same name. Dropbox acquired the start-up and its app last year, because of the plethora of features it offers.

And now, Dropbox has announced that it has released Zulip under an open-source Apache license. So now, developers who are interested in working on improving the app, and users who want custom servers can get the source code for the app along with the source code for the server at the official website.

This is a [...]

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