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December 24, 2015

Open Live Writer update adds support for Google Blogger labels

Earlier this month, we reported that a group of developers from the .NET Foundation, led by Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman, had open sourced the Redmond company’s blogging tool, Windows Live Writer.

It was given a new life in the form of a new app, Open Live Writer.

The idea behind this project, is to offer bug fixes, and support for the latest web blogging services. This is because the older (read obsolete) Windows Live Writer app, is being used by a lot of authors.

Speaking of which, I myself am one of those proud users, and use it quite frequently for posting articles, thanks to its plethora of built in options, and offline writing [...]

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June 11, 2015

Windows Live Writer will be open sourced soon, a Microsoft Employee reveals

A Microsoft employee has revealed that Windows Live Writer will be open sourced soon.

Windows Live Writer is a blogging tool, which comes a with a variety of tools including a WYSIWYG editor. Advantages of using Windows Live Writer vs using Online tools:

You can write blog articles while you are offline, and publish them whenever you want. You can preview how an article looks like within the app. Requires you to download the blog’s theme, but you only need to do this once. Save local copies of your blog posts, view recently posted articles and edit them. Built in tools like spell check, image editing, watermarking, font formatting and more including support for [...]
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