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January 18, 2016

Windows 10 Calendar download

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 10’s Calendar App.

The update is adding a new feature which displays the all 12 months of the calendar on a single screen.

This does look like a great feature, especially when you want to view all of your events in a single year from one place. To be honest it is a bit nostalgic too, and reminds me of the old paper/cardboard calendars which we used to have on our desk.

Compare it with the current version of the Mail and Calendar app’s view, it looks huge and very cluttered doesn’t it.

One user named Leo, commented that this is not a new feature at all, and that he had it prior to the [...]

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December 12, 2015

Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 adds support for Linked Inboxes

Windows 10 users, how often do you use your Outlook Mail app?

More importantly, how many accounts have you set up to use the app with?

If your answer is more than 1, then you must be familiar with the following scenario. More often than not, we tend to use our work and personal email accounts in email clients, and the Mail and Caendar app in Windows 10 is no exception.

But the problem with having more than one email accounts in an email client is that it gets a bit cluttered, and difficult to manage. Wouldn’t it be better to read all your emails in one place? This is xactly, what has been added (back) to the Mail and Calendar app for Windows [...]

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September 30, 2015

Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app update adds the Dark Theme for RTM Build 10240

Windows 10 users have a small treat in store for them, as Microsoft has rolled out a rather important feature for its Mail app.

The application now has a Dark Theme, which looks much cooler than the regular one.

Yes, it is the same dark theme which is available in Microsoft Edge, and several other apps in the operating system. This isn’t exactly surprising though. Microsoft always tests new features of its apps, in the Preview Builds of Windows 10, before it rolls it out to the general public. And it did the same, for the Dark Theme as well. A few weeks ago, the Redmond company rolled out a new update for the Mail and Calendar app, which added the [...]

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