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June 22, 2018

SamSam ransomware has evolved to use controlled distribution to target computers

SamSam ransomware is the latest encryption malware, which has been making the rounds in a series of attacks. You may have heard of it when it made the news earlier this year, for infecting hospitals and Government institutions. Though the malware was discovered sooner, ever since it has been found to have evolved.

In other words, it is an elusive malware, in that its attack strategies have been modified. Several companies like Malwarebytes, Sophos and Crowdstrike have analyzed the threat and the discoveries are quite alarming.

The reports say that this ransomware’s evolution has made it difficult to detect or even track. What does this mean? The malware’s [...]

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June 21, 2018

AndyOS cryptocurrency miner controversy: Android Emulator for PC secretly installs a mining tool

Android app or game developers and enthusiasts who want to use their computer to run the mobile apps, resort to using an emulator on their PCs. One of the most popular ones out there has found itself in a spot of bother. This is the AndyOS cryptocurrency miner controversy, discovered by a reddit user.

You may have heard of Bitcoin, a virtual currency which is one of several cryptocurrencies available today. Anyone with a computer and a good graphics card can let their system run non-stop to mine for the currency.

It is an almost free way to earn money, a greed which has resulted in people building PCs specifically for this purpose. Such users are called miners, and [...]

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June 20, 2018

BitDefender says S5Mark VPN malware has been active since 2012, Windows 10 most affected OS

Renowned antivirus and security research company, Bitdefender has found a new threat called the S5Mark VPN malware. More specifically it is a rootkit which is named Zacinlo.

Alarmingly, the report says that 90% of computers which had been infected by this malware, were running Windows 10. It actually gets worse, the S5Mark VPN malware has actually been active since 2012. For those of you watching from home, that is 6 years of existence in the wild. So, how was it not spotted earlier? Apparently, the rootkit was distrubuted as an adware, which was most active in late 2017.

The adware was distributed by a free and anonymous VPN service called S5Mark, which when installed [...]

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May 24, 2018

VPNFilter malware affects 500,000 routers across the World

Networking giant CISCO has identified a new threat called the VPNFilter malware, that has affected over 500,000 routers across the World. The list of affected devices include those which were made by Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, MicroTik, QNAP network-attached storage devices.

The malware is found to be similar to the BlackEnergy malware which targeted routers in Ukraine networks. But it does go beyond too, and is now believed to affect users in 54 Countries. Cisco alleges that this malware could be a state-sponsored one, or at least staged by someone affiliated with the state. Alarmingly, this malware has been active since 2016, and has slowly been spreading across the [...]

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