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March 3, 2016

1by1 music player is a simplistic audio player for Windows

Music is something which everyone enjoys, though not everyone prefers the same genre.

But that is the thing about music, it reflects your inner style, it defines you.

Also uncommon is the music player we use. No, I’m not talking about the hardware or your smartphone music apps here, but the ones we use on our PCs. Some users still prefer to use the good old Winamp, version 2.95 to be precise, because it was the last good version, before AOL ruined it with Winamp3. Most users however favour a music player which is feature rich and also has a pleasant GUI.

What about those looking for nothing but a pure audio experience?

This is where 1by1 excels. The [...]

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January 11, 2016

Apple Music tops 10 million subscribers in 6 months, is predicted to be the No.1 streaming service in 2017

It must be celebration time over at Cupertino, for Apple is making 10 million paid subscribers dance to its tunes.

The company’s music streaming service, Apple Music, hit the historic landmark today, just 6 months after it was launched.

The Financial Times broke the news earlier today. Interestingly a comparison has been made with rival services. Most notably, it has been quoted that Spotify, the world’s leading digital music streaming service, took 6 years to reach the 10 million users landmark, and that it currently has around 60 Million paid users.

We think this is a bit unfair, as six years ago, there weren’t even half as many smartphone [...]

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January 1, 2016

Winamp will be updated in 2016, but there won’t be any new features

About ten days ago, a report emerged online suggesting that Winamp could be revived, from its slumber.

The app has literally been dead, since Radionomy acquired the rights for Winamp, from AOL, in 2013.

The music player, along with ShoutCAST, was recently sold to Vivendi. And it is believed that the new owners, are likely to publish an update for the app, perhaps to profit from it.

Winamp’s website however mentions literally nothing about the acquisition, and the design has been “coming soon” for the past two years. And though the download links have been removed from the official portal, the app continues to exist in unofficial mirrors [...]

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August 29, 2015

YouTube to launch two services this year, one for music and the other for premium videos

YouTube is reportedly planning to launch two services this year.

One of the 2, is MusicKey, a service which has existed in beta form since last year.

The other one is said to be a premium offering, from content creators. This is the one which we wrote about way back in April this year. Before you panic, allow me to clarify that YouTube will be continuing to support free videos.

Google’s video sharing service, is ad-driven, and as such it would be extremely unlikely for YouTube to kill free videos, powered by ads. So, what we are looking at is a three tier form of YouTube.

Music Key, in its current form offers offline access, ad-free streaming, both [...]

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