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February 23, 2016

Stickies is a free post-it note application for Windows

Note taking, is an excellent way for keeping up with things.

Things to buy, things to do, etc always play an important role in our lives. But we don’t remember them all.

Don’t worry, I too, am very absent minded. Whenever a friend asks me to look at an app which I may like, or asks for help with some technical issue later that day, or even for day to day tasks like buying groceries, I tend to forget it completely, thanks to my obsessive and hectic work schedule. Very often, I use my phone to send an email to myself, with a list of things to do or test (apps/games) the next day. This isn’t a great idea, but it surely does work, and is a bit [...]

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April 6, 2015

Dropbox could take on Google Docs, with its upcoming collaborative note taking service called Composer

Cloud storage service, Dropbox is reportedly testing a new online note taking service.

The above image is a screenshot posted on Twitter by a user who was successfully able to login and use Composer. She was a Hackpad user before it was acquired. She says that Composer integrates Hackpad notes, and prompts for meetings and more.

If you think this is just an Evernote alternative, think again. Composer is believed to be a resurrection of Hackpad, a collaborative note take taking service, which Dropbox acquired last year.

What is Hackpad?

Hackpad is an online text editor (or word processor) which allows users to [...]

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