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January 18, 2016

SMPlayer Download

SMPlayer 16.1 Download

Popular video player app, SMPlayer has been updated to version 16.1.

In case you aren’t aware of the player, here is a small review of it.

The application is free, devoid of ads, and is completely open-source. It is actually based on the popular MPlayer open-source media player, which lacks a proper GUI. This is exactly what SMPlayer offers, a nice GUI, and plenty of other features including themes (skins).

SMPlayer supports most popular video formats including avi, mp4, mkv, mpeg, mov, divx, h.264, etc, as well as several common audio formats like MP3, Ogg, WMA and more. The application supports YouTube streaming playback [...]

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January 14, 2016

ChakraCore engine officially open sourced by Microsoft

Back in December, we reported that Microsoft would be open sourcing part of its Chakra browser engine in January 2016.

And the Redmond company, true to its word, has just done the same.

The engine, based on Javascript, has been open sourced at the popular GitHub repository, under the project name ChakraCore. It is licensed under the MIT License, so that rules out GPL licensed code being used in it. But ChakraCore can be used in GPL based projects, because that’s how the licesning works.

Gaurav Seth, the Primary Program Manager for the Chakra team, announced the news at Microsoft’s official website today.

The ChakraCore engine is similar [...]

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December 26, 2015

Baconit for Windows 10 gets a massive update

Baconit, a popular Reddit app for Windows 10, has been given a massive update.

The new version isn’t just a normal release, it is sort of a brand new app.

Windows Central reports that, Quinn Damerell, the developer of the app, and is also a Microsoft employee, has revealed that Baconit, has been completely rewritten from scratch, using the Universal Windows Platform. This means that Baconit is now a universal app for Windows 10 devices available for all PCs, phones and tablets which run on the new operating system.

Baconit now supports viewing user information like karma, cake day, gold status, submitted posts/comments. And both comments and posts have [...]

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December 10, 2015

Open Live Writer breathes new life into Windows Live Writer

Microsoft’s blogging tool, Windows Live Writer is no officially open source.

The news isn’t remotely surprising. We reported about this happening, way back in June 2015.

Several Microsoft volunteers from the the .NET Foundation, have teamed up to make this possible. They will be maintaining the app, to ensure it is patched from time to time.

Microsoft launched Live Writer in 2007, and it quickly rose to fame as a popular authoring tool, used by many top bloggers. But five years later, in 2012, the Redmond Company abandoned the app, when online editors such as Blogger and WordPress began to grow in popularity.

But despite this, [...]

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