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May 25, 2018

Piriform CCleaner privacy menu allows you to disable analytics and offers

If you like me, are a regular user of Piriform’s system cleaner, you may have noticed the new CCleaner privacy menu in the latest version of the program. This happens to be the second update for the popular  tool, which is quite rare to be honest.

Piriform is known to usually stick to a monthly update schedule for CCleaner, but about a week ago things changed slightly. The Avast owned company released version, and this update was dubbed as an “Important Fix For Chrome”.

The reason? Well the previous version (5.42.6495), released almost a month ago, was found to be causing critical errors related to Chrome. These bugs resulted in Google [...]

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January 27, 2016

Piriform CCleaner 5.14 adds support for managing browser plugins

Piriform CCleaner has been updated to version 5.14, which happens to be the first monthly update in 2016.

The popular system cleaning application now has a rather useful addition.

And that would be the Browser Plugins section, which you can find in the Tools Tab. Technically this isn’t a new feature. The option was previously available under the Startup section.

And back in June 2015, Piriform CCleaner 5.07 was released, and it added the option for managing Firefox Webapps, aka Mozilla Firefox add-ons. The moving of this feature to its own individual section suggests that not many people were using it, thanks to the option being hidden away in a [...]

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January 22, 2016

Piriform Defraggler 2.20 brings improved Windows 10 Support

Piriform Defraggler, the popular free defragmentation tool, has been update to version 2.20.

What is Defragmentation? Before we answer that we must first understand what fragmentation is, and how it occurs.

A fragment is a part of a file or folder, and is stored in the Hard Drive, in clusters. These clusters are not always close to each other, which is why a HDD becomes slow overtime, as it accumulates files.

For example: If an application has its own folder and has several files in the directory, and some of those are stored in various clusters, which aren’t close to each other, then the app may run slowly, as it tires to access the various [...]

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December 26, 2015

Piriform CCleaner’s registry cleaner may be the reason why Microsoft hates it

Back in October, Microsoft opened a controversial door, by publicly mocking Piriform CCleaner.

We are referring to the Channel 9 show, where the Redmond company’s Gov Maharaj, singled out the popular cleaning app’s presence on a user’s PC.

These were his words, ” CCleaner is … how do I put it mildly”, looking to add something, before which his host stopped him by saing, “Don’t… let’s just move on!”.

This of course blew open arguments all over the web by users of CCleaner. We have also been using the app for several years, mostly to clean browser junk, but also use its other components from time to time. Microsoft [...]

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