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November 16, 2015

Mozilla explains why it will make Pocket a system add-on in Firefox

A week ago, we reported that Mozilla would be moving Pocket, from an integrated feature in its browser, Firefox, to an add-on form.

This add-on will come pre-installed with the browser.

Mozilla integrated Pocket in Firefox back in June, which resulted in severe backlash from users who don’t even use the read it later service, who demanded Mozilla remove the service from Firefox.

The bugzilla ticket which we covered last week, stands as proof of this. But the real question however, is the fact that there was no official announcement from Mozilla regarding moving Pocket to an add-on. Venturebeat, took things in its hans and decided to contact the [...]

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November 9, 2015

Mozilla plans to make Pocket a built-in add-on in Firefox after user backlash

Mozilla has announced that it will be moving the built-in feature Pocket partially.

The browser maker integrated the reading service, into its browser Firefox 38.0.5, which was released in June this year.

While it’s a good web service, the move was met with severe criticism from users. The backlash was triggered by the simple fact that not everyone uses Pocket. So why did Mozilla think it would be a brilliant idea to integrate the third party service in the browser? Live and learn I: guess.

And learn it has, as a new announcement made on the bug tracking service, Bugzilla, reveals that Firefox will soon come without Pocket as a feature. Instead, [...]

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