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November 30, 2015

How to Disable Snap, Configure Snap Settings in Windows 10

One of Windows 10’s more useful features is Snap (formerly Aero Snap).  In case you aren’t aware of it, here is a brief recap.

Snap is a multitasking feature which lets you work in two or more apps at once. You can snap two apps to either side of the screen, or three apps (two taking up one half of the screen), or four apps taking up a quarter of the screen each. How to Snap an app in Windows 10

1. Restore an app to its windowed mode 2. Click on its title bar, and drag it to either half of the screen, or to any corner. 3. It will automatically resize the app, to fit the area you dragged it to.

Once you have snapped an app, Windows 10 will [...]

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