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September 15, 2015

How to add spell check to Notepad++

Tech savvy users maybe aware of what Notepad++ is, but if that’s a new term to you, allow me to explain.

Notepad++ is a word processor or text editor, as some people prefer to call it, and is mostly used by programmers, for its advanced capabilities.

But, it can be an excellent replacement for Notepad, the built in text editor in Windows. The main reason I use Notepad++ is because it is updated frequently, and that it supports plugins too. These plugins are add-ons from various developers, and often provide incredibly useful features.

Recently, an update to Notepad++ broke Spell Check, at least for me. So I decided to switch to a new plugin, which [...]

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August 22, 2015

Google Chrome adds support for multilingual spell-checking

Back in June, it was found that Google Chrome would soon support multilingual spell-checking soon.

However, it did not have an ETA, when the Mountain View company, would add support for this feature.

Today, Google’s François Beaufort, announced on the company’s social network, Google+,  that Chrome browser now supports spellchecking in multiple languages at the same time.

This may not be of much use to the majority of users, but if you are a bilingual or a multilingual writer, whose day to day work involves typing in more than one language, this is a huge blessing.

Which version of Chrome does this feature work in?

You may have [...]

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