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January 6, 2016

Twitter may allow users to write Tweets with as many as 10000 characters, from March 2016

Twitter could be changing the way you use its social network, and soon.

The website is reportedly considering to remove its 140 character limit in tweets, and replace it with a 10000 character limit.

That is actually the limit it already has for Direct Messages, a change which happened last year.

Twitter’s selling feature are its Tweets, to be precise the 140 character ones, which has been place since the website was launched. It is after all, a micro-blogging website, more than a social network. The bit sized news in Tweets is what made Twitter, what it is now.

The move seems to be a desperate measure, to appeal to users. More importantly, this is [...]

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April 7, 2015

Twitter announces “Retweet With Comment” feature, rolls out to Web and iOS App users

Micro blogging website, Twitter, just launched a new feature called “Retweet with Comment”.

In case you aren’t aware what a Tweet is, it is like a message or status you post on the social network, but with a limit of 140 characters per Tweet.

If you exceed the said character limit in a tweet, the “Tweet” button gets disabled, and the counter below the text box displays the number of characters you need to delete to comply with the allowed number. Unfortunately this also includes spaces, and punctuation, and has led to people substituting longer word with shorter ones (e,g: MTG for meeting), and sometimes numbers like 4 instead of [...]

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