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December 22, 2015

Mozilla officially announces it will ship WebExtensions in Firefox 48 in March 2016

Mozilla has finally announced when it will be bringing WebExtensions to the stable version of its browser, Firefox.

For thopse of you who don’t know what this means, here is a brief description.

What are WebExtensions?

WebExtensions is an API for developing cross-platform browser add-ons which will work in multiple browsers. These include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. So, technically a developer only need to code his extension once, and it will work on all these browsers, with minimal effort to port them.

Microsoft is doing something similar for the new browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. We have already seen multiple add-on [...]

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August 22, 2015

Mozilla Firefox will support Chrome extensions, and will have multi-process support for Tabs

Mozilla has announced something, which no user would have anticipated.

The browser maker says that Firefox will add support for Chrome extensions.

Let’s see how this could impact users. Mozilla has launched a new API called, WebExtensions. This allows add-on developers to make their extension compatible with Chrome and Opera browsers. Since it is easier to make cross-platform extensions, more developers are likely to use the new API, to port their non-Firefox extension, to work in the browser.

Of course, this also means developers will have to re-code their work, to make the extensions compatible with WebExtensions. Oh yes, and this does remind me [...]

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