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October 3, 2015

Microsoft Wunderlist for Windows 10 is now available at the Windows Store

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired a company called 6Wunderkinder, for a reported sum ranging somewhere between $100 to $200 million.

The reason behind the acquisition, was that the German company offered a productivity app/service called Wunderlist, and that the service boasted a whopping 13 million users, when Microsoft acquired it.

Wunderlist is a cross platform app, available for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices, and lets users to add tasks in to-do lists, which they can use as a reminder in their daily life.

Wunderlist for Windows 10 now boasts a new design ( which is reminiscent of the mobile app’s UI), support for Live Tiles and even [...]

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September 18, 2015

Microsoft Translator for Windows 10 launched at the Windows Store

Microsoft has launched a new app called simply as Translator.

The application has been designed for Windows 10 and is available at the Windows Store.

Microsoft Translator, as its name suggests can help users to break the language barrier, and translate content from one language to another. The service supports the text translation, in over 45 languages. You can type in text, or copy an paste it into the app for the feature to work.

Speaking of which, Translator’s feature isn’t limited just with text content.  You can translate signs, menus, newspapers, printed text, etc, by using your device’s camera. And that’s not all it is [...]

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September 11, 2015

Windows Store reportedly crashing for users, Microsoft promises a fix soon

Word on the internet is that the Windows Store is reportedly crashing for users.

It is unclear as to what is actually causing the issue.

The issue seems to be affecting all Windows 10 devices, regardless of what they are, be it a PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet.

You may be aware that the Windows Store App is updated through the app itself, yes I know it sounds weird, but web browsers do the same thing too, so its kind of similar I suppose. Going by that logic, I am guessing this may be an issue in the latest version of the Windows Store.  Personally I have disabled Windows Store auto updates, for scenarios just like this, I do use the Calculator, Twitter for [...]

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September 1, 2015

Windows 10 Home Users are now allowed to disable automatic updates for Windows Store Apps

Microsoft has had a change of heart, as Windows 10 Home Users are now allowed to disable automatic updates for Windows Store Apps.

Windows Updates (not to be confused with App updates) have been quite a headache, especially since Home Edition users cannot disable the updates at all.

Pro edition users have a minor consolation as they can defer updates, but only temporarily, and need to install all prior updates before getting the latest one.

I’ll be honest here, I do not have a Windows 10 Home Edition PC, all three of my computers run on Windows 10 Pro, two of them were upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro, while the other one was from Windows 7 Pro. The [...]

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