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The Bat! Pro Review

The Bat! Pro Review

by March 5, 2016

The Bat! Pro Review

Unfortunately, email clients (both online and standalone) are a main target of spammers and hackers that spread malware using malicious messages and steal personal and confidential information. That is why it is very important, more than that, crucial to protect your emails from them. Specially for such users who are concerned about the protection of their mailboxes, the software development company Ritlabs offers a great solution called The Bat! which allows them to keep confidential and private info away from prying eyes.

Download and Installation- The Bat! Pro can be downloaded from the official Ritlabs website. The separate installers are available for 32 and 64-bit versions. The program is not very big; it is just about 40 MB in size. Currently it supports 18 languages. The trial version is fully functional and it can be used without any restrictions for 30 days.

The program comes in two different editions- Home and Professional. The Home edition is an ideal choice for the home users; it offers all required features for them such as encryption, HTML support, local spam filtering, and so on; but it must be used only for non-commercial purposes.

The Professional edition includes tons of additional features such as message base encryption, biometric authentication, scheduled message sending, signatures, different supported Internet protocols, and so on. The Professional edition can be used for commercial purposes, too.

In addition, it should be noted that the Professional edition comes with the free The Bat! Voager. It is a special portable version which can be installed on any removable media, for example, USB flash drive or SD Card on the one hand and used on any computer on the other hand. The main advantage of the portable version is that it securely encrypts all your personal data, so it fall into the wrong hands, nobody will be able to access and use it.

The installation process is very straightforward and fast. With the help of the Setup Wizard you should perform only two easy steps, i.e. in the first step you should accept the terms of the license agreement and in the second step customize and specify some additional features, for example, installation folder, spell checker dictionary, and so on. After that, the installation process will start and less than a minute the program will be installed and ready for use.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 5

After the installation, The Bat! Pro will offer you to configure some important options before starting the application. The program allows you to protect your data stored on the hard drive with a standard password on the one hand or using more advanced security protection, i.e. USB Tokens on the other hand, for example, Aladin eToken USB Token and SafeNet (Rainbow) iKey USB Token. Modern USB Tokens provide you with the highest data protection and practically invulnerable to breaking. So, it is up to you to choose the most suitable data encryption method.

After that you can specify some additional options, i.e. any desired folder for storing data and the master password for accessing encrypted data. And, finally, you can create a new account by entering the desired name, email and password and choosing a protocol type, for example, IMAP, POP, and so on.

First start 1

First start 6

First Start 7

The Interface of the Program- the user interface of the program is very convenient; it contains everything needed for working with your email messages.

At the top of The Bat! Pro there are nine drop-down menu buttons which provides access to the main tools and features. They are as follows:

Message- this menu button provides you with all the necessary tools for working with messages, i.e. you can create a new message, reply to the message, resend or print messages, and so on.

Specials- here you can find various tools for managing your address book, replying to the sender, and so on.

Folder- in this menu there are different tools for controlling email folders.

Account- this menu button allows you to manage email account, i.e. you have the possibility to create a new account or delete an old one, etc.

Tools- The Bat! Pro offers a lot of useful tools for managing email messages, for example, the tools for scheduling messages, searching for messages, exporting or importing messages, and so on).

View- here you can configure viewing parameters, for example, sort messages by size, creation date, subject, and so on; apply different character sets, etc.

Workspace- this button allows you to configure your workspace, i.e. in other words, the space for viewing and managing the main working window; for example, you can activate Message or Address auto-view, split window horizontally or vertically, and so on.

Options- this button gives you access to the program settings for configuring different options.

Help- this menu provides access to the online help topics, homepage, and so on.

The main window of the program is conveniently divided into two parts; the left side displays a list of all existing mailboxes and folders and the right one a list of all received and sent messages. On the right side there is also a small preview window which allows you to view messages without opening them.

With the help of the special toolbar located at the top, you can manage and control messages and perform some basic operations with them, for example, you have the possibility to delete or print messages, edit or save them, and so on.

Interface 1

The Main Features of the Program

Import Messages-you have never used The Bat! Pro before and you want to import your messages which are stored in other email clients into the program? Do not worry! The Bat! Pro allows you to perform this operation easily and quickly with the help of the special Mailbox import wizard. The program allows you to import messages from MSG, EML files on the one hand and from UNIX mailboxes and The Bat! message base v1 or v2 on the other hand.

The program supports importing mailboxes from a lot of other email clients, i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Netscape, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Import Messages

Address Book- The Bat! Pro offers a very convenient Address Book which allows you to create a new contact or group quickly and easily. The creation of the new contact is very easy. Just click on the appropriate button on the toolbar. The program will open a new window which is divided into several tabs from General to Other. The program allows you to specify a lot of details, for example, General (i.e. name, gender, and so on; you can even add a photo to the new contact; the program supports the following image formats- JPEG, GIF and PNG), Personal (i.e. phone number, address, country, and so on), Business (i.e. company name, job title, department, etc.), and so forth.

The program also allows you to import the address book from a file (for example, LDIF file, INI file, business card, etc.) or from other mail clients (all major email clients are supported by the program, i.e. Eudora, Pegasus, Microsoft Outlook, and so on).

Of course, you can also export the address list to LDIF file, business card, etc.

If you have got a lot of contacts in your address book, you can take full advantage of the special tool offered by the program Search Address. With the help of it you can easily and quickly find any contact; all you need is to specify some details, for example, name, email address, etc.

The Address Book interface window is highly customizable; you have the possibility to customize it according to your preferences, for example, change toolbar buttons, add columns, sort contacts by name, city, country, and so on.

Address book 1

Address book 2

Address book 3

Scheduler- you have created a new message and you do not want to send it immediately. Do not worry! There is no need to open the program again for sending this message. All you need is to specify the exact time of sending the message and the program will do it for you! The Bat! Pro offers a lot of possibilities to schedule messages. You can specify the time of sending (i.e. day, month or hour), executed action (i.e. create or send message, automatic reply, backup, and so on), recurrence (for example, every minute, day, and so on), and a lot of others.


Backup and Restore- as a rule we have got a lot of important messages, attachments, etc. in our mailbox and, of course, they should be securely protected. Just for this reason The Bat! Pro offers a very useful tool to back up our mailboxes. With the help of the program you can back up everything, i.e. accounts, folders with messages and address books. More than that, The Bat! Pro also allows you to configure an automatic backup. All you need is to specify the backup recurrence (for example, every 5 days) and the start time. In addition, you have the possibility to select the backup method (i.e. Standard or Update to an existing backup), specify the items to back up (i.e. accounts, messages, attachments, and so on. Optionally you can also add comments to the created backup and protect it with a password).

Of course, backups will be easily restored if anything unexpected happens. Just specify the path to the backup file and it will be immediately restored.

Backup 1

Backup 2

Synchronization- You have got more them one computer? And you want to synchronize data which the program stores in its database? It is no problem for The Bat! Pro! Because it contains a special tool which allows you to synchronize data among several computers. Just select the items to be synchronized (for example, messages, address books, etc.) and they will be immediately synchronized and available on every computer you use.


Message Editor- The Bat! Pro offers unlimited possibilities for creating professionally formatted messages. The messages can be written in a plain text or HTML format. The program allows you to align the text left or right, check spelling, insert date, time, cookie or even a smile, attach personal vCard, select the desired character case (for example, upper or lower case), paste a quotation from a file, add attachments, and a lot of others.

After creating a message, you can send it immediately, save it as a draft or postpone it by specifying the desired date and time for sending. All messages are strongly encrypted using the most advanced algorithms.

Mail Editor

Privacy and Security- with the help of the program you can protect your mailbox and the entire system from malware. For example, you can protect the mailbox against suspicious attachments by specifying file types which will be blocked from opening or executing; use an antivirus plugin and check incoming messages for viruses (this plugin can be downloaded from the official website), analyze and block spam messages (a special spam plugin is also available on the Ritlabs website), encrypt or sign files, and so on.

Search- over time the mailbox is getting bigger and bigger and, of course, it is very difficult to find a required message quickly. For facilitating this task The Bat! Pro provides you with a very useful tool- Message Finder. After specifying some options, for example, sender, subject, attachment, and so on, you will be able to find any message without any effort.

Image Download Manager- this is a special tool for retrieval background images safely and securely. It allows you to protect the mailbox from malware. After creating a rule (for example, URL, folder, subject or sender), the program will block all suspicious images.

Image Download manager

QR Code- it is a very interesting feature of the program which allows you to create QR code for your URL, phone, email, etc. and insert it into the message. With the help of this code the recipient can scan it and retrieve info from it using, for example, smartphone or tablet.

QR Code

SmartBat- the program offers a very small and convenient message editor which allows you to write quick notes and schedule or save them for further editing using the full-featured message editor.


What is new in The Bat! Pro?

The “Do not load schedules, notes, posts, tasks, journal, public folders” option in EWS accounts.

Changes made to personal EWS contacts in The Bat! are now uploaded to the server.

Editing EWS contact’s photo in the local address book updates the photo for personal contacts to the Exchange server.

X-MANAGER and X-SPOUSE attributes are now imported from vCard, support of vCard with UTF-8 BOM.

The System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

There are no minimum requirements for memory size or CPU speed.


I think that The Bat! Pro is one of the best email clients on the software market. The program offers practically everything for reliable, safe and thorough managing and controlling email messages. Thanks to a lot of advanced features, you have the possibility not only send or get messages, but also perform tons of other actions. The Bat! Pro allows you to back up your mailbox and protect it from unauthorized use with the strongest password, and so on.

Among the features which must be mentioned for sure, I want to specify the following:

The program allows you to work with an unlimited number of email boxes and process and store an unlimited number of emails.

The program supports all well-known protocols, i.e. IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.

The program also supports secure SSL and TLS protocols.

The program allows you to send and receive messages encrypted with the help of S / MIME, PGP and OpenPGP methods.

The Bat! Pro allows you to protect your mailbox with the strongest passwords to prevent its unauthorized use.

Confidential data can be protected with the most advanced Aladdin iKey USB tokens.

The Bat! provides you with protection against viruses and spam messages by using special third-party plugins.


1. It supports all popular protocols- POP3, IMAP4, SMTP.
2. It protects your computer against viruses.
3. It protects your computer against spam messages.
And a lot of others.



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“The Bat! is a secure email client software, built to protect your correspondence against third-parties.”

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