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These are the features which will be removed, when you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10

These are the features which will be removed, when you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10

by AshwinJune 3, 2015

Windows 10 is launching on July 29th, and Microsoft is already allowing Windows 7 and 8 users to reserve their free upgrade to the new OS.


But there are several features which will be removed, when you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10.

Microsoft has officially published a list of the features which are being supposedly being “depreciated”.

Windows Media Center:

We have already reported that Windows Media Center will not be available in Windows 10. This doesn’t mean that you can carry over the existing installation of WMC from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, when you upgrade to Windows 10. The upgradtion process will notify the user that Windows Media Center is incompatible with Windows 10, and that it will be removed upon installing the OS.

The reason that the Redmond company gave as to why it removed WMC from Windows 10, was that most of its features are not even used. The only thing WMC was used for, was apparently to watch DVDs.

DVD Playback Software:

With Windows Media Center not available, in Windows 10, users asked Microsoft about a solution to play DVDs. And the Redmond company responded positively, assuring users that Windows 10 will include an alternative for playing DVDs, thought it did not mention what the replacement is. Recently, the head of the Insider Program revealed that Windows Media Player will be included in Windows 10. It hasn’t made an appearance in the Preveiw Builds we have seen so far. It is possible that WMP could be the DVD Playback software that Microsoft promised.

Windows 7 desktop gadgets:

The fancy clocks and weather desktop gadgets in the sidebar of Windows 7 will not be available in Windows 10. Actually, they were removed from Windows 8 when the OS launched in 2012. But since Windows 7 users will also be upgrading to 10, it is good that Microsoft announced the removal.
But truth be told, Gadgets were great, and will surely be missed.

Windows Updates:

This is a rather bad change. Windows Updates will be delivered automatically for Windows 10 Home Edition users, and the updates cannot be deferred. Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Edition users will be able to defer updates. We explained about this in our article which explains How Windows as a service works.

Windows 7 Games:

The classic games which came pre-loaded in Windows 7: Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts Games have been removed from Windows 10. Fret not, as Microsoft has released a new version of the games as “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” and “Microsoft Minesweeper.” The games will be available from the Windows Store.

USB Floppy drive:

You will need to download the latest drivers from Windows Update, or from the manufacturer, to use a USB Floppy device in Windows 10.

Windows Live Essentials:

The OneDrive app has been removed, and has been replaced with the inbox version of OneDrive. If you have tried a preview build of Windows 10, you will be aware that Windows 10 comes with a OneDrive app installed, this is the replacement for the app in Windows Live.

Well, that’s all folks. That is quite a big list, and could even make users think twice before upgrading to Windows 10.