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tinySpell is a free spellcheck software for Notepad, Wordpad and more

tinySpell is a free spellcheck software for Notepad, Wordpad and more

by AshwinFebruary 19, 2016

Do you type on your computer a lot?  Do you rely on spellcheck when you type?

tinyspell spellcheck correction

If you do, you will probably be aware of the fact that not all applications in Windows 10 have a spellcheck option.

This includes the default apps in the operating system, such as notepad and wordpad. Some apps however do have a spell checker enabled, like the Windows 10 Mail app. And oddly enough there is a built in spellcheck setting in the OS’s settings, but the bad news is that this spellcheck isn’t working in Windows 10.

In fact, the option has never worked for me. This is why I use other apps which have a built-in spellcheck, but some of these are premium office suites and text editors. Is there any free option which will work in Notepad?

Yes indeed, there is. And it is called tinySpell. The application is unique, in that it works in every program you type in, literally everything. tinySpell primarily has just two functions. The first one is that it plays notifies the user, when he/she makes an error in the spelling of a typed word. This notification is done in the form of a beep sound, which is played when the application, detects an erroneous spelling. Additionally, the tray icon of tinySpell, changes from white to yellow, indicating a spelling error has occurred. This also applies to the word copied to the clipboard.

tinyspell spellcheck

The second main function of tinySpell, is that it offers a list of replacement words (close to the one which was misspelled). This can be accessed by clicking on the pop-up which appears next to the incorrectly spelled word, or via the tray icon’s menus (simply left click on the icon) to get the list.

tinyspell spellcheck correct

You can add words to the application’s dictionary from the aforementioned options, and these will no longer be highlighted as incorrect spellings.

There is a downside in the free version, in that it doesn’t highlight or remember the previously misspelled word, if you typed a letter or word after the beep. So if you type very quickly, chances are you might miss the error. However, you can replace the beep sound with your own audio file (WAV format) to make it more audibly noticeable.

A third useful option is that the application allows you to search for words last typed or copied to the clipboard, with a click of the middle mouse button. This allows you to search for the word via Google, or the Dictionary or Thesaurus of Merriam-Webster or Wikipedia.

tinyspell online search


  • Offers replacement words for for misspelled ones (typed/clipboard)
  • Beep sound when a spelling error is detected
  • Tray icon lights up when an errors is found (from white to yellow)
  • Can add words to the dictionary
  • Portable version available – useful for using the app from a USB memory stick (but you probably want to run it automatically at boot when possible)
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • The beep sound can be replaced with any .WAV audio
  • Online search option for words
  • Plus version is pretty inexpensive (though it only receives free updates for a year or two)


  • Doesn’t notify you of last error if you typed a word after the beep. It is hard to miss the beep sound, but if you type really fast like me, you will miss it.

Download tinySpell from the official website.

tinySpell detects it’s own name as a typo, which is hilarious