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Todoist launches its official app for Windows 10

Todoist launches its official app for Windows 10

by AshwinNovember 18, 2015

A month ago, we reported that Microsoft had launched its task management app, Wunderlist for Windows 10.

Todoist for Windows 10

And now one of its rivals, Todoist, has launched its official app for the new operating system.

The servie allows you to add your ow list of things to-do, and even allows you to input your Projects, and so much more. And it is a cross platform service, which syncs in real-time, and does all this for the low price of free.

The Todoist Windows 10 app happens to be the service’s first desktop app. The app has been designed with the help of the company Todoist acquired earlier this year, TaskCrunch.

Todoist for Windows 10 features support for customizable Live Tiles and actionable notifications . There is no support for Cortana integration in the app just yet, but the company says it will add the feature soon. You can input all of your sub-tasks, sub-projects, labels, and filters in the app easily, and also view group discussions on these. The app has a three pane view for Projects, Tasks and Comments, which is quite easy to navigate.

Todoist for Windows 10 UI

The app will notify you about upcoming tasks, and these aren’t merely reminders. They are actually interactive notifications, which eliminate the need to open the app. You can receive reminders and complete tasks in a hassle free environment. This of course is down through Windows 10’s Action Center.

Todoist for Windows 10 Notification Action center

Todoist for Windows 10 has been designed to be fast, and offers full offline support. In addition to this, the app is fully compatible with touchscreen devices, and you know what that means, yes it is a universal app which supports Windows 10 across all devices.

Download Todoist for Windows 10 for free from the Windows Store. Keep in mind that the Todoist for Windows 10 app is in an early preview form, but the company says, it will be improving the app and adding some new features soon.

One important feature missing in the app is support for Google sign in, which the website offers. So the only way to use the app is by logging into your Todoist account, which is a huge bummer.  Another issue is that the app is only available in English, for now.

But other than that, the app itself runs just fine without any hiccups, at least for the short time when I tested it.

Todoist says that its own to-do-list of upcoming features include the addition of several new features advanced filters, completed task history, Cortana integration, support for Windows 10 Mobile, support for 20+ languages, and more. There is no ETA for these features to arrive.