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TweetDeck for Mac gets support for Teams, Group DMs, in-line GIFs and Videos and more

TweetDeck for Mac gets support for Teams, Group DMs, in-line GIFs and Videos and more

by AshwinApril 1, 2015

Twitter has updated its app, TweetDeck for Mac, with some new features focusing on Teams and Groups.

TweetDeck Teams

You can now use the app to share access to your Twitter accounts with Teams.

In case, you don’t know what “Teams” is, it is a feature available in the social network which allows a user to grant access to his/her account to other users such as friends or colleagues, without disclosing the password. All you need to do is use TweetDeck and add the main user as the account manager, and he/she can add other users to the account.

This way nobody has to memorize passwords, or login individually. This feature will be useful for brands, and companies with a group of employees who manage their concern’s Twitter account. In fact, it will provide better security to popular accounts. It is no secret that hackers often takeover accounts, and victims of such incidents include several of Microsoft’s Twitter accounts, News Channels and many more.

Teams isn’t exactly a new feature. Twitter rolled it out back in February, for Windows, Chrome and Web version of TweetDeck. But it is only now that the Mac app has received a similar treatment.

And now for the changes related to Groups. TweetDeck now supports Group Direct Messages, so you and your friends can have your own secret meeting right there within the app. You can now share a tweet via DM to a group, isn’t that what a retweet does, well maybe if you wanted to share something you didn’t like or felt one worthy to debate about, you could DM your friends the link directly.

The update also allows you to upload up to 4 images per tweet from the app. This will be useful if you wanna share a bunch of pictures, like say, from a party or an event or a vacation.

GIF images and Videos will now play in-line, i.e you can preview them directly in your timeline.

TweetDeck Image In-Line

Users of the realtime social media analysing tool, Dataminr, can now add columns and receive notifications of new alerts to the watch lists they have om Dataminr. Twitter also mentions that it has included many bug fixes and improvements, but hasn’t disclosed what they are.

If you don’t have it already, download TweetDeck for free from the Mac App Store.

The latest version of the app is 3.9.482. The app is just under 4 MB to download and install. It is compatible with 64-bit systems running on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.