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Twitter announces “Retweet With Comment” feature, rolls out to Web and iOS App users

Twitter announces “Retweet With Comment” feature, rolls out to Web and iOS App users

by AshwinApril 7, 2015

Micro blogging website, Twitter, just launched a new feature called “Retweet with Comment”.

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In case you aren’t aware what a Tweet is, it is like a message or status you post on the social network, but with a limit of 140 characters per Tweet.

If you exceed the said character limit in a tweet, the “Tweet” button gets disabled, and the counter below the text box displays the number of characters you need to delete to comply with the allowed number. Unfortunately this also includes spaces, and punctuation, and has led to people substituting longer word with shorter ones (e,g: MTG for meeting), and sometimes numbers like 4 instead of for.

This has drawn a lot of criticism from those who prefer proper Grammar and Spelling in the way the written language is used on Twitter. Some users tend to use services like TwitLonger, which takes you to the third party service’s website, where the rest of the message is displayed. And some users prefer to break tweets into multiple ones to post a long message. For e.g: A message spread across three tweets could be done by adding one of the following to the end of each tweet (1/3) (2/3) and (3/3).  Of course, it isn’t pretty to look at, but it gets the job done.

What is a Retweet?

The website has a resharing feature called Retweet, which allows you to share another user’s Tweet in your timeline. Many years ago, a retweet used to add the letters RT before a tweet to signify that a user was re-sharing or re-blogging a tweet posted by another user.

Some years later, the social network replaced it with a Retweet button, which merely displayed the tweet shared, without the RT, and displayed a message above it saying “Retweeted by” followed by your user name.

What is the “Retweet with comment” feature?

Basically, it does what the name suggests, you quote a tweet and add a comment to it and post it. Here is how to retweet with comment:

When you click on the retweet button, you now get a textbox, where you can add a comment, any comment you like. But it would make sense to comment about the tweet you are sharing. That’s a no-brainer.

Note: There is a character limit for comments too.

Prior to today’s update to the API, users had to manually copy and paste a tweet URL, add a comment and Tweet it.

The following GIF image posted by Twitter shows you how Retweet with comment works.

And here is a step-by-step screenshot tutorial of how to retweet with a comment:

1. Point the mouse cursor over the Retweet button.


2. Click on the retweet button.


3. Type a comment in the text box, and hit the retweet button.


5. Here is how it appears on your time-line.


This feature has been enabled for all users, but you con only use it on the web (browser) version of Twitter, or if you have the official Twitter iOS app. Android users will have to wait for the app to be updated on the platform.