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Twitter for Mac app 4.0.0 update brings a Dark Theme, Inline Videos, GiFs and more

Twitter for Mac app 4.0.0 update brings a Dark Theme, Inline Videos, GiFs and more

by AshwinDecember 31, 2015

Twitter has released a new update for its official app, for Mac OS X.

Twitter for Mac 4.0.0
If that shocked you, you aren’t alone. Even Twitter feels so, and mentions in the change-log, “Don’t call it a comeback!”.

Be that as it may, Twitter for Mac 4.0.0 does in fact bring in a plethora of new features.

No app would be complete without a Dark Theme, would it? Mac OS X users now get to enjoy the app with an optional Dark Theme. And may I remind you that the Windows app still doesn’t have one?

Twitter for Mac now supports inline video playback, thus allowing users to play videos in tweets, directly within the app directly in your feed. And GIFs aren’t left behind either, you can also view the animated pictures right in your timeline.

Version 4.0.0 of the app also adds support for Group Direct Messages, allowing you to converse privately with up to 50 people. Annoyed by certain accounts and their tweets? You can simply mute them without unfollowing them, using the new option. Doing so will hide their tweets from your feed.

The Twitter for Mac app now supports Quoting of tweets, allowing you to add a comment whilst retweeting a tweet. This feature was enabled on Twitter on the web many months ago, and has been in the Windows app for quite a while too.

Twitter for Mac

Favorites have now been replaced by Likes (hearts) in the Mac app as well. The app now supports Twitter Highlights, which notifies you (when you haven’t used the app for a while) with some of the best tweets from accounts you follow. These will be displayed in the Today Center Widget, which you can use on your desktop

Even the icons and buttons have been given a makeover.

But there is more to it than meets the eye. The Verge reports that the Twitter for Mac app wasn’t built in-house. The social network apparently open sourced the app to another company, which built it for the Apple OS.

A former Twitter employee, let the cat out of the bag, on….Twitter (where else). He bemoaned that the new developers had messed up the login screen of the app, and spoke about it in a very criticizing tone.

The Verge also says that the company behind the new app is one called Black Pixel, a company based in Seattle, WA. It has previously worked on apps for ESPN,  Starbucks, and the New York Times as well. Apparently the app was previously handled by a one-man team at Twitter before the out-sourcing happened, so this is definitely an improvement.

Download the Twitter app from the Mac App Store. (for OS X 10.10 or later)