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Twitter for Windows 10 finally adds support for Lists, Quote Tweet and more

Twitter for Windows 10 finally adds support for Lists, Quote Tweet and more

by AshwinSeptember 8, 2015

Twitter for Windows 10 has received a major update today, which adds List Support, Quote Tweet and a few more features.


If you read my previous write up, about Twitter for Windows 10, you will remember I criticized the lack of support for Lists in the app. Well, the social network’s app now supports Lists.

Though it isn’t as good as the web version, its still a decent feature. You can find it under the Me tab in the left pane, and then by clicking on the menu icon next to the settings button on the right pane. Speaking of which, there still isn’t a dedicated settings panel for the app.


Twitter for Windows 10 now supports multiple accounts. Here is how you can add another account to the app.

Click on the “Me” tab in the left pane, and then on the “People” icon in the right pane, this will bring up two options:

Add Account
Create New Account

This will be handy for users who have to manage official Twitter accounts along with a personal account.


Quote Tweet:

Remember the nifty little feature which Twitter added to the web app? It allows users to add a comment to the Tweet which you want to re-tweet. It is now available in Twitter for Windows 10 too. All you have to do is click on the Re-tweet button and select “Quote” and type a message and send it.

Of course, the standard 140 character limit applies to quoted tweets too.


Happening Now:

Twitter’s popular stories are listed under Happening Now, and this option gets its own tab in Twitter for Windows 10, and is placed between the Home and Notification tabs. It is a good way to discover new topics, and


Twitter recently removed the 140 character limit in Direct Messages, and this option was added to the Windows 10 app recently. The latest version of the app is Twitter You can update it from the Windows Store.

With the latest additions, Twitter for Windows 10 has evolved into a decent replacement for the web app, and the notifications displayed though the Action Center are cool. It is certainly nice to see that Twitter is supporting its desktop app, a move worth applauding.

The San Francisco based company, is the subject of viral rumours about an acquisition. And Google is reportedly being anticipated as a potential buyer. It would be a good idea, since Google+ has flopped miserably, and taking Twitter under its wing would help the Mountain View company put up a strong fight against Facebook.