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Twitter for Windows 10 is receiving a UI overhaul, screenshots posted on the Windows Store reveal

Twitter for Windows 10 is receiving a UI overhaul, screenshots posted on the Windows Store reveal

by AshwinJuly 28, 2015

Twitter is updating its Windows app, and the update is reportedly bringing in a massive UI overhaul.


The microblogging website has had its app for Windows 8, available at the Windows Store for a few years now.
But unlike its counterparts for Android and iOS platforms, Twitter for Windows has generally been considered clunky and hideous.

Twitter nearly abandoned the app, because of Windows 8’s poor adoption rate amongst users. In fact, the social networking app is not alone. Several top app developers (from other platforms) have refused to publish their apps on the Windows Store citing the operating system’s (Windows 8) poor user base.

However it is a joy to see that Twitter is returning to Windows in a new form. This is not a leak, but comes directly from the social networking website.

It is unclear if someone over at Twitter jumped the gun, and uploaded the screenshots before and, or whether the app will be released shortly. Either way, let’s take a look at a couple of screenshots.

You can also view them from the Windows Store App on your PC. Just search for Twitter and click on the listing, and scroll down the page to view the screenshots.

The design of the app is quite good, and clean. It appears that users will be able to use the app even without logging in, but of course, that would limit your options to a bare minimum. Once logged in, you will find a sidebar providing access to various tabs of Twitter, just like the web version’s navigation bar.

The refresh button below the Compose Tweet option, is a new addition to the app, and should be handy to sync your Timeline manually.
The Twitter for Windows 10 app also natively displays inline images and videos, so I daresay it will be on par with the web version. And it could prove to be a hit if it has desktop notifications, displayed through the ActionCenter. Will this app finally scratch the TweetDeck itch? Let’s hope so.

It is likely that the Twitter for Windows 10 app will be rolled out after the launch of Windows 10, which happens tomorrow.

I have been getting errors while trying to download the Twitter App for Windows 10. If you must know, the error code that the Windows Store app throws at me is 0x803f8001. This error is actually a quite common one, reported to affect the Windows Store Beta, which is actually the newer app that replaced the older Store app.