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Twitter for Windows 10 now supports multiple accounts, curating lists, inline videos

Twitter for Windows 10 now supports multiple accounts, curating lists, inline videos

by AshwinOctober 22, 2015

Twitter launched its official app for Windows 10 a few months ago, much to the surprise of users.

Twitter for Windows 10 October
That’s because the social network had never updated its app for Windows 8, in like forever.

But even though the new app was good, it did have some major drawbacks. For starters, it did not support one great feature of Twitter, Lists.

In case you aren’t aware what they are, Twitter lists are user created set of accounts, whose Tweets which the user wants to read without following the accounts, or make categories of various similar accounts in a genre, e.g: Tech, News, etc, using which you can read Tweets quickly without the hassle of going over your entire timeline. It’s actually much faster this way.

Well, we have some good news, since the latest update for Twitter for Windows 10 now has the option to view and curate lists. That’s right, you can create and edit lists right from within the app. Additionally, you can even pin a shortcut for the Lists on to the Windows 10 Start Menu. It’s good to see twitter taking Windows 10 seriously, and there is good reason for this, since the social network has been losing some popularity, while the operating system has been booming with success. So the math all works out here.

Twitter has also improved the timeline, by highlighting conversations between users. You will now find a blue line in the timeline to indicate that the Tweet is part of a conversation between users whom you follow.

Twitter for Windows 10 has also added a much needed feature, in the form of inline Videos. The app now allows the user to watch videos natively. Prior to this version, you had to copy the Tweet link and paste it in your browser manually view the video, which was quite an annoyance.

Additional, WinBeta reports that there are a couple of other features which Twitter conveniently forgot to add to the release notes. Twitter for Windows 10, now allows users to create group direct messages (group private conversations). The app also adds the much needed feature to switch between different accounts.

Quoting tweets is also simpler now, well technically it wasn’t that much of an issue for me. Tweets that you have composed, but haven’t sent, will be saved as drafts, allowing you to tweet them at your convenience.

If you haven’t already, download Twitter for Windows 10 for free from the Windows Store.