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Twitter for Windows 10 released with a new UI, and here is a quick review of it

Twitter for Windows 10 released with a new UI, and here is a quick review of it

by AshwinJuly 29, 2015

Twitter for Windows 10 has been released today.


But we reported about it yesterday, when Twitter uploaded screenshots of the app to the Windows Store.

Let’s take a look at the various functions of the app.

User Interface:

There is nothing fancy in the UI. It is a pleasant one, and quite simplistic, if not very. On the left hand side you have the Home (Timeline), Notifications (mentions), Messages (DMs), search and me (profile).

Home (Timeline):


The timeline is quite good, and looks similar to Twitter’s web version. You can see how many times a Tweet has been Tweeted or favorited. Clicking on a Tweet to expands it, while clicking on the user’s profile picture or username takes you to their profile, from where you can follow/unfollow, send a DM, reply or even block the user.

A huge minus in the Twitter for Windows 10 app, is that you cannot quote tweets. You can only Retweet them as they are.

The timeline of the app also shows inline previews of images and videos, and clicking on an image shows you the full sized image. Another drawback is that the app cannot play videos natively, i.e., clicking on videos takes you to the actual webpage, where the video is hosted.


This tab works pretty much like the web version and shows you if your tweet was retweeted, favorited, or if someone mentions you in a Tweet, or adds you to a list. Speaking of lists, the app does not support lists at all, you cannot view, create or manage lists using the app.


Direct messages work like the web version, except the app cannot delete conversations. You can however begin a new DM conversation and also reply to existing conversations.


This is quite a useful tab, and sows you the current most popular trends in Twitter (according to the region you selected in the web version). You an also search for content manually with search terms or hashtags.

Me (profile):


This tab shows you your profile, and the list of tweets which you have posted. The Me tab oddly, houses the Settings options of the account.


The app’s setting section is severely limited, and lacks serious customizations. You cannot change your profile picture or your username from the Twitter for Windows 10 app. All you can change in the settings are: your name, location, website, and also set up to receive notifications for mentions, retweets, favorites, new followers and mentions.

There is a view all button, which I expected to expand the app’s settings, but disappointingly, it opens a new browser tab linking to the settings page of the Twitter account. You can also log out of the app from the Settings screen.

You can view the version of the Twitter for Windows app from the Settings screen. The current version is

Compose a Tweet:

Click on the note and quill icon in the bottom left corner, to compose a Tweet. A new tab opens in the right hand side of the app, while the existing tab you were browsing (timeline, settings, notifications, etc) stays right there, which is kind of neat. Typing a hashtag brings up autocomplete options, which you can choose with the mouse.


You can also attach an image to a Tweet, but the app doesn’t let you upload videos, which is a let down.


  • Pleasant and Simplistic UI
  • Has most of the basic options you need


  • No access to lists
  • Basic settings
  • No themes or any customization options
  • Cannot Quote Tweets
  • Cannot Delete DM conversations
  • No video player