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Twitter for Windows 10 Update adds support for Moments

Twitter for Windows 10 Update adds support for Moments

by AshwinDecember 14, 2015

Micro blogging website, Twitter, has updated its app for Windows 10, to throw in a couple of new features.

Twitter for Windows 10 App Moments

This is the first major update for the app in nearly two months.

Back in October, Twitter added support for using multiple accounts in the app, enabled Inline Videos, which displays and plays videos within the app). However, the more important addition was support for Creating Lists, using which you can follow various twitter accounts, in a self-curated and organized list as per your preference.

When the social networking previously removed the character limit in Direct Messages on the website, it took a month for the same change to arrive in the app as well. Likewise, Twitter launched a new feture called Moments, back in October.

And it is this feature, which the social network has added to the app. Moments is a collection of the most popular content on Twitter displayed under one roof. It consists of various information, and is not limited to just text tweets.

Open the Twitter app and look for the lightning bolt icon in the left side bar. Click on it and you will see that to make things simpler, there are 5 tabs under Moment, each one representing a different category. They are: Today, News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun.

Click on a category you like, and  you will find that it displays images, videos and conversations. These are top trending ones, at the time, or should I say, Moment.

So how is this different from Lists or your own Timeline of Tweets from other users?

There is a big difference in that, Moments is not a user curated list of content. Instead, it is taken care of by Twitter’s own staff, and is also supported by news content publishers.  You could Say twitter Moments is a direct rival of Facebook Instant Articles.

Download the Twitter for Windows 10 app from the Windows Store. You will need to have version or above for using Moments.

While the official Twitter for Windows 10 app isn’t a bad app per se, it is by no means great. Sometimes the app doesn’t work well, and is slow to load tweets, and the one major annoyance in the app is the settings section, which is not universal for the app, and instead is managed under each account. To access it, click on the Me tab on the left side bar, and then on the Settings button in the right pane of the app.