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Twitter is testing a new search UI, and we take a look at how the site has changed in the recent weeks

Twitter is testing a new search UI, and we take a look at how the site has changed in the recent weeks

by AshwinApril 28, 2015

Twitter is testing a new search UI, according to a report by Re/code.


The above screenshot was captured last weekend, by a reporter of the blog, and shows what the new design looks like.

Apparently the design isn’t available forĀ  users yet, and quickly disappeared. No official announcement has been made regarding the change, but according to the report, a Twitter employee confirmed to them, that the new design was being tested by the social network.

As you can see from the image, the filter options have jumped from the left hand side in the current UI, to the top portion in the new design. The Trends section has moved up to the left side too. The new design certainly looks much cleaner, and the amount of filter options should certainly help in making the task of finding the content you are looking for, easier.

In comparison, this is what the current search design looks like.


The screen is cluttered with information, with trends displayed on the lower left hand side, and recommendations on which accounts to follow, on the right hand side of the page. It also has the search filter options on the sidebar, which makes it slightly non-user-friendly.

It is unclear when Twitter will roll out the new search design for users. But we do hope that it is rolled out globally unlike the recent changes that have been limited to US users.

Twitter has been changing a lot under the hood to help its users. It recently announced that it will be shifting all non-US user accounts to its Ireland HQ. All US accounts will continue to be serviced by its US office.The move was done because Ireland has some of the most relaxing privacy laws in Europe, and even Facebook uses the Country as its base. Twitter insists that it is doing so to protect the privacy of its users.

The micro-blogging site, now lets you receive Direct Messages from any user, even if you do not follow the sender’s account. This is an optional feature, and is not enabled by default. Twitter now has a Retweet with comment feature, which allows you to re-share any tweet and add a comment to it. This feature was initially rolled out to iOS and the Web interface, but is also now available on Android devices.

Then it announced that it will be dealing with abusive and malicious content with a firm hand, which includes requesting an account to delete offensive content, and also suspending such accounts for a time.

Its not always strict, there were fun changes too, like the introduction of new Emojis from the upcoming movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Users who include the following hashtag in their tweets will see the relevant emojis #C3PO #Stormtrooper #BB8.


Twitter recently introduced a new homepage for US users. It will display news and other content right on its homepage, which users can use without logging in.