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Twitter may allow users to write Tweets with as many as 10000 characters, from March 2016

Twitter may allow users to write Tweets with as many as 10000 characters, from March 2016

by AshwinJanuary 6, 2016

Twitter could be changing the way you use its social network, and soon.

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The website is reportedly considering to remove its 140 character limit in tweets, and replace it with a 10000 character limit.

That is actually the limit it already has for Direct Messages, a change which happened last year.

Twitter’s selling feature are its Tweets, to be precise the 140 character ones, which has been place since the website was launched. It is after all, a micro-blogging website, more than a social network. The bit sized news in Tweets is what made Twitter, what it is now.

The move seems to be a desperate measure, to appeal to users. More importantly, this is likely targeted at Twitter’s biggest rival Facebook, and the less popular yet still existing social network, Google+.

A 10000 character tweet, is huge. It would be so huge, that it would be enough to post an entire news article. Is that what Twitter is trying to do? Competing with Facebook Instant Articles? Perhaps it is.

However, Twitter’s CEO and Founder, Jack Dorsey, doesn’t seem to think that 10000 character tweets are a bad idea. He tweeted a super huge message, in an image, explaining why large tweets are good.

Dorsey says that Twitter users tend to bypass the 140 character limit, by writing texts (in a different app), then taking a screenshot of it, and tweet the image, to convey the message to users. Isn’t that what Dorsey did that with the above Tweet? Anyway, this is true, important (long) messages can only be communicated like that.

The problem with such tweets, is that the content in the the image, cannot be searched, because it isn’t text. And that is why Twitter will support longer tweets, to make longer messages searchable.

Though Dorsey’s explanation seems to highlight some good points, we feel that such a change, would do more harm than good for the social network. Users could easily be annoyed merely by seeing a huge chunk of text on their timeline.

Re/code reports that the 10000 character limit could arrive as soon as March.

Granted that we could see proper grammar used in Tweets instead of shortened words, and maybe more hastags as well, but the move to expand the character limit still doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

What next? An Instant Messaging option like Facebook Chat? No, Twitter is unique, and it should stay like it has been. Perhaps it would be better if Twitter added an option to hide walls of text, and maybe just display a preview of the content, or a headline, instead of cluttering the timeline.