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Twitter may launch a new product which could allow tweets with more than 140 characters

Twitter may launch a new product which could allow tweets with more than 140 characters

by AshwinSeptember 30, 2015

Twitter, the social network famous for its micro-blogging feature, may soon get a new product, which defies its very rule.

Twitter expanding over 140 characters

A report has emerged online, which suggests that Twitter is working on a service, which will allow users to share tweets longer than its allowed 140 character limit.

Facing some pressure from Facebook and Google+ now are we? Well, Twitter does need to thibk out of the box to strive, and it has not been happening in the past few months, as the company has been without a CEO to lead it, for the past 100 days.

Twitter’s 140 character limit does have some negatives to it. For starters, you can’t forget grammar and punctuation, if you want to convey a message in a single Tweet. And to avoid this from happening, people often break up the tweets in to several more like (1/3), (2/3) and (3/3).

Some smarter users, even resort to third party web services, which display a link in the Tweet, which in turn redirects them to the service’s website, to display a larger message.

Twitter recently did away with its 140 character restriction for Direct Messages. This could have been a trial run for the social network, to see if the change made users engage in more conversations. But more importantly, a few months ago, Twitter added the ability to “Retweet with comment”, which allowed users to quote (read retweet), another person’s tweet and add their own words as a comment to it.

And if these features worked properly,i.e., increased the usage of the service, which I think it did, Twitter may have decided to expand it to regular tweets as well.

In addition to its new product, Twitter is reportedly considering allowing links and @username mentions to be skipped from the character count in Tweets. This may not sound very important, but I think it would help improve the situation, and could allow users to reach out to others in a better way. People could even load up more hashtags in Tweets too.

Personally I’d prefer to read several informative shorter version “140 character” tweets, rather than a single 1000 word one. And so would many users, which I guess is why Twitter is going to build a new platform, specifically for people who love to spend more time reading stories. I just jope Twitter isn’t going to go too much out of the way, and make the service look like Facebook, which I feel is kind of bloated and out of place.